Best Massage Gun Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021: Don’t Miss Out!

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massage gun Black Friday Cyber Monday saleIf you’re looking to save some money on our favorite handheld massager, the massage gun, you’ve come to the right place. There are deals to be had all year round, but the Black Friday massage gun deals are always the best available all year round! If there’s a massage gun coupon code, promo code, or discount to be had, we’ll list it here. Take your pick and save some money when you buy!

Some links will be to, but not all. We want to bring you the BEST prices, and there are often better prices and deals to be found on the respective products’ official websites. PLUS better warranties and guarantees which you definitely want with any electrical product!

So without further ado, let’s get on with the top massage gun Black Friday deals for 2021:



Black Friday Hypervolt Sale 2021

Come back later in 2021 to find the Hypervolt Black Friday deals! The following are the current available prices:

Black Friday Opove M3 PRO Percussion Massager

opove m3 pro with 4 attachments and free case

Opove has quickly become one of the top selling massage guns on Amazon with its flagship model the M3 PRO. It has THOUSANDS of positive customer reviews and is a very affordable price for what many might call a Hypervolt knock off (it’s just as good but a lot cheaper). It has the amplitude, speed, battery life and more, and even comes with a free carry case!

The best price available though is on the official website where you can save $40 this Black Friday and Cyber Monday and get it for just $159!

Get the Opove M3 Pro For Just $159

Visit the link and you’ll also find great deals on the Opove M3 Pro Max and Opove M3 Pro Sport!

Lifepro Fitness Black Friday Discounts

Lifepro is one of the top brands in 2021 and has a huge range of 5 star rated massage guns of all shapes and sizes. There’s literally something to suit everyone on the Lifepro website.

Check out the full range here as they do have some year round offers available.

Theragun Black Friday Offers

In 2020 Therabody released a whole new range of Smart Percussive Therapy Theraguns. A smart massage gun? Yep, that’s right – they come with bluetooth connectivity and an app! Guided step by step personal wellness routines, save your favorite routines,  control your device from the app and much more:

Here’s the range:

The Pro is the most expensive at $599, this is the top model and probably the most expensive massage gun on the market right now. It’s often the choice of top athletes and professionals but anyone can use it, and they do offer some great Black Friday deals. Unfortunately the special prices won’t come around again until Black Friday 2021, but you can get your hands on one at any time at the following links.

Get the Theragun Pro

Next up is the Elite model – this normally retails for $399. This is probably the most popular model because it’s more affordable, but still packs a great punch for athletes and fitness buffs.

Get the Elite

The Prime is a great all rounder, and though not as powerful as the Pro and Elite, it’s still very effective for soothing aches and pains.

Get the Prime

Lastly, the Theragun Mini. This is for people on the go who need a small, compact massager and don’t need the power of the more expensive models.

Get the Mini here


addsfit max

The Addsfit Max is yet another Hypervolt style massager and like the Opove, looks VERY similar. The battery life isn’t quite as long-lasting though as it only lasts about an hour (vs 3 hours for the other two).

Other than that though, it’s a good massager with enough power to make it worth the investment. Plus there is a very nice 20% discount available that will save you almost $40!

Get 20% off Addsfit Max (Use coupon code addsfit2020)


tokfit t2

The Tokfit T2 comes in black or silver and you can purchase a 4 attachment or 6 attachment package. It has the same speed and amplitude as the Hypervolt (but with a slightly different design). It differs though in that it has 20 different adjustable speeds and a massive 8 hour battery life.

You can get $40 off with coupon code TF40

Get $40 Off the Tokfit T2



Taotronics is a brand that is already known for its audio and home appliance products, but they now have a massage gun that has quickly become one of the most popular budget massagers.

It has a decent battery life of 4 hours, 10 adjustable speeds up to 3200 RPM, and 6 massage heads included. The only thing I DON’T like about this one is that it shuts off at 15 minutes to prevent overheating. Most people won’t use it longer than that anyway, but I’d prefer to be able to use it longer should I want (or need) to without worrying about it overheating. The customer reviews are great though so I can’t argue with that!

On the official website it’s priced at just $139.99, but if you browse the website, a “spin the wheel” type game comes up where you spin and win anything from free shipping up to a 30% discount. You can even win a buy one get one free option! I tried it (just enter your email and spin) and got a 15% off discount code, which is over $20 saving, making it the cheapest option on this page.

Visit the official Taotronics website

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So that brings us to the end of our massage gun sale page. When we find more we’ll add them here, so if you’re not buying now, check back again later. We hope you manage to get a good discount and save some money on your favorite!

Black Friday this year is on Friday 26th November, so there are a few months to go yet. A handheld massager will be one of the top gifts to give this Christmas 2021, and the discounts available will be fantastic. The massage gun Black Friday deals are some of the best you’ll find all year round.

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