14 Great Gift Ideas For The Mom Who Has Everything

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Buying a special gift for your mom isn’t always easy, especially when your mom buys herself everything she really wants. You can get your mother, or another important woman in your life, a terrific gift that she will cherish. Here are some gift ideas to inspire you.

Bar Charms with Family Names

Necklaces with bar charms are on trend right now in the world of jewelry, and you can personalize one for your mother. A bar charm is simply a rectangular piece that hangs down from a chain. Have each family member’s name engraved on a bar, and put them together into a one-of-a-kind necklace that will keep her favorite people close to her heart.

Check out some of the personalized necklaces available on Amazon

Wine of the Month Subscription

Does your mom love her wine? Then thrill her with a bottle of new, exciting wine in the mail each month that she can sample and enjoy. Every time she opens a new bottle, she will think of you.

Here’s a list of the 15 best wine subscription boxes to choose from

Cleaning Service

Cleaning is something that most moms spend a lot of time doing but that most of them hate. Give your mother a break by hiring a cleaning service to come in and put her house in order while she relaxes. Get her as much time as you can afford. Even if you only hire someone to come once, at least she will get to be a pampered woman for one day. Google “cleaning service near me” to get a list of services in your local area, or check out your local Craigslist.

Personal Art Keychain

Your mom can carry a grandchild’s artwork everywhere with a keychain that features any drawing your child has made. Simply order the keychain and send in a scan of the artwork, and your mom will be able to show off her grandchild’s artistic skills to everyone she sees. Alternatively, you can just use a photo of the grandchild.

Flowers Representing the Family

Did you know that there are flowers representing every birth month? Find out which flowers represent your family members, and make your mother a unique bouquet. You could have a florist put this together with fresh flowers, or you could buy silk flowers and make her a gift she will be able to keep and display for years to come.

Personalized Pet Painting

Does your mom love her pet? Does she love her pet so much that she sometimes confuses its name with yours? You can get a personalized painting of your mom’s favorite furry child by simply sending in a photograph. This is a gift she won’t be expecting and that she will cherish.

Personal Notes

This is a heartwarming gift that is free and fairly easy, depending on how cooperative your family may be. Have each child or grandchild write a note to your mom. If they need some help, come up with a question to answer. You might ask them to describe their favorite memory with your mom, or something else that is meaningful. Put all the notes together in a notebook or scrapbook to give to your mother.


Your mom may already have a massager, but these days you’ll find that there are massagers available for just about every part of the body. Foot massagers are fairly common, but how about a neck massager, a leg massager, a hand massager, or even an eye massager? Or a massage gun for versatile treatment of almost any muscle group? Everyone suffers from the occasional aches and pains, and if your mom has a particular issue she’d like to treat, then a massager might make a very welcome gift.

Lifepro have an excellent selection of all different types of massagers. You can also find lots of massage products available on Amazon.

Handwriting Bracelet

Have anyone’s handwriting made into a bracelet to keep that person close to your mother’s heart. Use your own handwriting, handwriting from a grandchild, or even handwriting from her own mother. Inscripture.com do some amazing handwriting bracelets.

A Meal

Moms usually have to cook, even on Mother’s Day and their own birthdays. Other family members just don’t seem to get the idea to jump in and do some of the kitchen work. If that sounds like your family, surprise your mom by making her favorite meal. Don’t forget to take care of the clean-up, too.

Home Spa Kit

Create a personalized gift to allow your mom to treat herself to a spa day at home. Gather some bath gel and lotion in her favorite scents. Add a loofah sponge and a stone to smooth her feet. Include a soothing facial mask and any other product that she can use to relax. Throw in a scented candle, and you will have a kit she will love to use.

Professional Family Portrait

How long has it been since you and your siblings sat for a professional photographer? If it’s been since childhood, you might be surprised at how different it is now. Book a session at a photography studio, or hire a photographer to meet you in a pretty location for pictures. Your mother will love a professional photo of her favorite people to hang on her wall and show off to friends.

Star Map

This is a fun idea that will allow your mom to see what the stars looked like at a specific moment in her life. You can get a star map of the moment she was born, the day your parents were married, or the moment she became a mother. Just think of a special event in her life, and you can order a star map of that time.

Click here to get a personalised star constellation map on Amazon

Fingerprint Jewelry

Order your mother a truly unique gift when you have your fingerprint imprinted on a necklace or bracelet charm. You can also include fingerprints from your siblings or your mom’s grandchildren and make it a family gift.

Shitake Mushroom Log Kit

Even the mom who has everything probably doesn’t have this. Get your mother a special kit to grow her own shitake mushrooms. She will get a log and instructions on growing these tasty and delightful mushrooms. This is a perfect gift for a mom who loves to cook and eat.

If mushrooms aren’t her thing there are numerous different food kits available that your mom may not have received before. How about a Foccacia Art Kit? Make your own Gourmet Chocolates Kit? Or a Cheese Making Kit?

These terrific and personalized gift ideas should provide inspiration for you to find the perfect surprise for your mom or another important woman in your life. Your mom has been giving to you for your whole life. Now it’s your turn to give her something she will adore.

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14 Great Gift Ideas For The Mom Who Has Everything