Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager vs Hypervolt Comparison – Which Should You Buy?

2022 Update: These Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager guns are still available (and cheaper than ever), however, Hyperice has since released newer models for 2022! See the new Hypervolt 2 PRO (Hyperice’s most powerful massage gun yet!)

Handheld massagers have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing an easy and convenient way to soothe sore muscles and promote relaxation. Two of the most popular options on the market are the Hypervolt and the Hypervolt Plus. While these two massagers may look similar at first glance, they actually offer different features and benefits that may make one a better choice for your needs than the other.

In this comparison review, we will take a closer look at the Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus cordless vibration massager, examining their similarities, differences, and key features, so you can make an informed decision about which one is the right choice for you. Whether you are an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or just looking for a way to relax and unwind at home, the Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus may be just what you need to take your massage experience to the next level.

Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager

If you’re looking for the differences between the Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager then I’m sure there’s no need for us to go into detail about what a percussion massager is, or the benefits of percussive therapy. You may already have decided to invest in one of these Hyperice massage guns, but you’re not sure which is best for your needs.

In this article, we’re going to compare and contrast Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus to help you decide which is the more appropriate model for your circumstances.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each in this in-depth comparison. First, we’ll take a look at the original:

The Original Hypervolt – Features, and Specs

Hypervolt vs Hypervolt PlusOne of the first things you’ll notice about the Hypervolt is that it is nice and compact. Unlike other handheld massagers, it feels comfortable in the hand, and because of that, you should find it easy to use.

What are the features?

Build and Design

The Hypervolt measures 11 by 14.2 by 3.5 inches. It’s not exactly palm size, but these dimensions make it comfortable enough to handle with one hand. Despite its solid-looking metal grey and black finish, the percussive massager is extremely light. It weighs only 2.5 pounds!

The design of this massage gun is unique. It doesn’t mimic the cylindrical build of the Vyper 2.0, the parcel-shaped Venom Back, or the spherical Hypersphere. Instead, it looks more like a gun, with a handle that intersects perpendicularly with the horizontal massager.


Under the hood, the Hypervolt has a high-torque brushless 60W motor that delivers enough power for a deep tissue massage. You can choose between three predetermined speed settings, the highest of which pushes the device to 3,200 percussions per minute (PPM).

Despite packing such power, the Hypervolt’s performance is relatively quiet – 55-65 decibels. Thanks to Quiet Glide Technology, it is a powerful yet quiet percussive massager (unlike many cheaper models on the market right now!)

The design makes it suitable for targeting problem muscles. Because it delivers powerful vibrations through a small, flat surface, you can use it to disperse knots in your arms, shoulders, thighs, and calves with a lot of ease.

If the flat head is not the one for you, there are 4 other attachments that you can use including the bullet, fork, cushion and round heads (enough variety that you will always find one to target any muscle group in your body successfully).

Battery Life

The Hypervolt comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. When fully charged, this battery gives you about three hours of use, which is plenty of time to give your muscles a proper warm-up or cool-down after a workout. The battery is removable so if you wanted to purchase a spare, you can swap between the two and charge one while using the other.

The Original Hypervolt Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Cordless and portable Price is on the higher side
Quiet operation May feel heavy after prolonged use
Five interchangeable attachments Battery life could be better
Three-speed settings  
High-quality construction  
Effective for deep tissue massage

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Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager

Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager The Hypervolt Plus is their newest model and is supposed to be an upgrade on the original. Indeed it costs approximately $100 more (depending on where you buy) so it should definitely have more features! It closely resembles the original as far as build quality and design are concerned. Put them side by side and they’re the exact same shape and size. You’ll be able to distinguish this one though from its sleek matte black finish (vs the original’s silver), which ends just above the rubberized handle. What sets it apart from its cousin massager as well as from other percussive massagers, however, is its raw power.

Build and Design

The Hypervolt Plus vs Hypervolt would be indistinguishable if it wasn’t for their color difference. The build quality is pretty much the same, and so is the design. Save for the matte black finish on the latter device; the two massagers would be identical.

Fortunately, not much has changed in terms of weight and ergonomics. The Hypervolt Plus is just as easy to handle as its predecessor is. Hyperice has gotten the compact design just right, so you shouldn’t have any trouble targeting tight muscles with either device. Like its predecessor, the Plus is also cordless, and therefore, easy to maneuver around the body.


The Hypervolt Plus got a 30 % boost in power. This saw the 60W brushless high-torque motor on the Hypervolt get a boost to 90W, making the Hypervolt Plus one of the most powerful percussive massagers out there. The high-torque motor is coupled with three-speed settings as well, giving users not just more power, but also various choices when it comes to massage intensity.

Even with a high-torque motor, it still manages to perform quietly, thanks to Quiet Glide Technology. Essentially, it is a faster, more powerful version of the first-generation Hypervolt, which brings more power to the table.

Battery Life

The 90W motor in the Plus model is powered by a similar lithium-ion battery. It takes three hours to drain the battery when it’s fully charged—enough time to deliver an intense massage to aching/sore muscles.

Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
More powerful than the Original Hypervolt Expensive
Five interchangeable head attachments May be too intense for some individuals
Cordless and portable Heavier than the Original Hypervolt
Quiet operation Battery life could be improved
Three-speed settings with LED indicators  
Bluetooth connectivity and Hypervolt App  
High-quality construction  
Effective for deep tissue massage

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Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus – The Similarities

The Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus are similar percussion massagers in the following ways:

• They both have lithium polymer batteries of the same capacity

• They feature the same gun-like build and compact design (the build is exactly the same)

• They both have brushless high-torque motors

• They both offer three-speed settings

Hypervolt Plus vs Hypervolt – The Differences

There is one major difference between the Hypervolt and the Hypervolt plus: their power outputs. While the earlier model has a 60W brushless motor, the Plus version is equipped with a 90W high-torque brushless motor. This means  it is 30% more powerful .

The color scheme of the two devices is also different. The Hypervolt Plus has a uniform matte-black finish while its predecessor features a gray and black color scheme.

And as already mentioned, the new Plus version costs approximately $100 more. It also weighs about half a pound extra, but that’s a minimal difference that you wouldn’t really notice if you were to compare them side by side.

As you can see, there really isn’t that much difference between the two. Which you choose might just come down to your budget. Or whether you want to get REALLY powerful, deep massage. For most people, the cheaper Hypervolt will be more than sufficient though.

Verdict: Which Should You Buy?

Regular gym-goers and sports enthusiasts may find the Hypervolt a better fit for their pockets as well as their exercise needs. It is powerful, compact, easy to use, and easy on the eyes too. It is the ideal device for anyone who’s looking for their first percussive massager.

Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager is, in every way, a professional tool. Its power alone is enough to attract top athletes looking for a powerful massager for warm-ups and cool-downs. It brings the convenience and functionality of the Hypervolt to the table and adds a much-needed boost in power.  If you want something a bit more aggressive, and can afford the extra cost, then give this one a try.  If you were comparing the two to the Theragun G3Pro (one of the most popular, but most expensive percussion massagers on the market) the Plus version is closer to it in terms of power.

Final Word

Hyperice Hypervolt has two excellent devices in the Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus percussive massagers. Both work wonders when it comes to warming up muscles, getting rid of knots, and massaging muscle fascia. Both have excellent motors, though the Plus version is slightly more powerful.

When comparing the Hypervolt vs Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager can we really say which one is best? They’re pretty similar, to be honest. The Plus upgrades are really only minimal, and for the most part, you’ll get pretty much the same results from either one of them. However, if I was to choose,  I’d probably go with the cheaper original model and save the extra dollars for something else!  It already does everything I (and most others) could possibly want a massager to do.

In the end, either device is a great pick if you’re in the market for a quality, reliable percussive massager.

Hypervolt Plus Testimonials

“I’ve been a runner for years, and I always struggle with tight muscles and knots in my calves and hamstrings. I tried foam rolling and stretching, but nothing seemed to work as well as I wanted. That’s when I decided to give the Hypervolt Plus a try. I was blown away by how powerful it was, and how quickly it worked to relieve my muscle tension. After just a few minutes of using it, I felt like a new person. I could feel my muscles relaxing, and my range of motion improved significantly. It’s now become an essential part of my pre- and post-run routine, and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my overall performance.”

“As a fitness enthusiast, I’m always looking for new ways to improve my workouts and recovery time. When I heard about the Hypervolt Plus, I was intrigued but skeptical. I’ve tried other massage guns in the past, and while they were helpful, they didn’t quite live up to my expectations. But the Hypervolt Plus blew me away. It’s powerful, yet quiet, and the different attachment heads allow me to target specific areas of my body. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my range of motion and flexibility, and my muscles feel less sore after workouts. I never thought I’d be able to achieve this level of recovery without spending hours on stretching and foam rolling, but the Hypervolt Plus has made it possible. It’s truly exceeded my expectations.”

Hypervolt Testimonials

“I’m a fitness trainer, and I’ve tried a lot of massage guns over the years. But when I got my hands on the Hypervolt Plus, I was blown away. It’s powerful, yet surprisingly quiet, and the different attachments allow me to target specific areas of my body. But what really sets it apart is the depth of the percussion. It’s the deepest and most intense massage gun I’ve ever used, and I could feel it reaching deep into my muscles to relieve tension and soreness. Since incorporating the Hypervolt Plus into my daily routine, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my flexibility, range of motion, and overall recovery time. It’s exceeded my expectations in every way.”

“As someone who suffers from chronic muscle pain and tension, I’ve tried just about every massage tool out there. But when a friend recommended the Hypervolt Plus, I was skeptical. I didn’t think anything could make a real difference in my pain levels. But I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did. The Hypervolt Plus is powerful and effective, yet surprisingly easy to use. The different attachments allow me to target different areas of my body, and I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my muscle pain and tension since I started using it. I’m now able to work out more often and more intensely than ever before, thanks to the Hypervolt Plus. It’s exceeded my expectations and has truly been a game-changer for me.”
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