Ekrin B37 vs B37s vs Bantam Comparison – Which Massage Gun Is Best?

Ekrin B37 vs Ekrin B37S vs Ekrin Bantam

You may or may not have heard of percussive or vibrational therapy. This is a type of massage that can be carried out by a massage therapist, or you can do it for yourself with the use of a massage gun. Let’s take a look at three such guns from one of the top massage gun brands on the market in 2022 – Ekin Athletics. Their percussion massagers are the original Ekrin B37, the new and upgraded B37s, and their mini massage gun – the Ekrin Bantam. In this article, we’re going to compare the three to help you choose.

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1. Ekrin Bantam

Cheapest, smallest & lightest of the three

Handheld MassagerSmall in size, low in price, yet packs a punch that defies its compact design. The Bantam is the ideal massager to stash away in your bag and take with you wherever you go. It’s so small and lightweight, that you can discard the bag and slot it into your pocket. Besides its 6-hour battery life from the Samsung lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a USB charger, what else can we expect from the bantam?

Four attachments

The Bantam comes with four attachments: the fork for the neck and spine, the flat for overall use, the round silicone head for sensitive and sore areas, and the bullet to target those knots and treat the hands and feet. The smallest of the three massagers comes with three levels of speed to choose from, the highest of which is 3200 rpm, which matches that of the full-sized B37 model.

Packs a punch for its size with 35lbs of force & 3 speeds

The brushless motor doesn’t disappoint as it delivers up to 35lbs of force to bring quick relief to those niggling aches and pains. The 15-degree angle handle means you won’t be struggling to bring comfort to those hard-to-reach areas. Made from quality materials that assure durability, and a stylish and comfortable design, this massager is a perfect fit for anyone on the go. Like all three models, it comes with a stylish travel case.

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Ekrin B37

The original Ekrin Athletics massage gun and bestselling of the three

Ekrin B37 with attachmentsThis was the first Ekrin Athletics percussion massager on the market and remains the most popular to this day. More expensive than the compact Bantam, the B37 comes with virtually the same attachments. The only difference is, that the B37 is supplied with the foam version of the round attachment rather than the silicone.

56lbs of force and 5 speeds

What’s the main difference between the Ekrin B37 vs Ekrin Bantam? Basically, the power. The Ekrin B37 has 56lbs of stall force compared to the 35lbs of the Bantam. There are also five speeds to choose from, two more than the lower-priced model, although the top speed of 3200rpm is identical.

Impressive 8-hour battery

The Samsung lithium battery offers longer use with eight hours, and if it’s a quiet massager you’re looking for, then you won’t be disappointed. The 35-55db that the B37 offers is equivalent to the sound of rainfall. As with the Bantam, you won’t have any problems reaching those awkward parts of the body as this model is also designed with a 15-degree angled handle, which means your arms are less likely to tire during a massage from overreaching. It is made from premium materials and comes complete with a travel case. For more information read our Ekrin Athletics B37 review

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Ekrin B37S

Most expensive of the bunch and the most powerful

Handheld Massager ExampleThe most expensive of the three, and as you’d expect a few more features to justify the price. In addition to the five attachments the other two models share between them, the B37s has the added addition of the cone attachment, which helps to treat those bony and tender areas of the body. You’d expect more power, and that’s exactly what you get.

30% more power for deeper treatment

Although its five-speed levels are matched by the less expensive B37, you can experience 30% more power on levels 1-3 on the B37s. Also, the added benefit of experiencing variable frequencies when using the top speed. You will also benefit from added power even at lower speeds, allowing for a deeper percussive treatment.

Reactive force sensor shows you how much force you’re applying

Its Samsung Lithium battery life is eight hours, identical to its B37 counterpart and easily enough for use during the week. When comparing the Ekrin B37 vs B37s the main difference is the ability to take complete control of your treatment with the reactive force sensor. This shows how much pressure is being applied to each muscle and informs you when you are about to reach the maximum force for the speed you’re on. As with its B37 counterpart, this more expensive model offers quality sound insulation with a range of between 35 and 55db.

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Ekrin B37 vs B37s vs Bantam – A Quick Summary

If you’re shopping on a budget, then the compact Ekrin Bantam would be a perfect choice. It can match the more expensive B37 for speed and has just the same amount of attachments.

The big differences between the Bantam and the more expensive B37 are the extra two levels of speed the B37 affords which, offers a maximum of 56lbs of force compared to the 36lbs of the Bantam. You’ll also find the Bantam a little noisier than the other two, and its battery life of six hours is shorter by two than the more expensive models but should easily be enough for a good week of massage without a charge.

The added bonus of the reactive force sensor on the B37s is one of the main reasons for its bigger price tag and the extra 30% power you will gain from the brushless motor at speeds 1-3. If you want the most powerful, then this is definitely the one for you. Its power is almost comparable to the Theragun Pro, which is the most expensive massage gun on the market.

Each model does what it should. They perform percussion and vibrational therapy that helps relieve muscle aches and pains and soreness. This also reduces inflammation and muscle tension by increasing blood flow to a specific muscle area. Some are just a little more powerful than others, and this of course is reflected in the price.

Which would we choose? Ekrin B37 or B37s or Bantam?

Ekrin B37 or B37s or Bantam
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We’ve compared the Ekrin B37 vs B37s vs Bantam, and to be honest they’re all great massage guns, from a reputable company. Any of the three would make a great investment in your muscle health.

We have to admit though, that we do really like the original Ekrin B37. You just can’t go wrong with this massage gun. With power similar to the top-of-the-market Theragun, but at half the price and (in our opinion) a nicer design, why pay more? The Ekrin can give you everything you need.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little smaller and cheaper, the Bantam is a great little massager. This is perfect for anyone on the go, or just looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use massager.

If you really want to push the boat out and get the most power and deepest massage you’ll definitely want to check out the B37s.

For most users though, the B37 will be the perfect massage gun at the perfect price! Plus you can get 20% off here using our coupon code HMG20

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