Youdgee Massage Gun Review: Best Massage Gun Under 100 dollars?

 youdgee massage gun review

When I first came across the Youdgee massage gun I have to admit, the price put me off. This cheap Chinese-made massage gun is WELL under $100. Having found and tested some amazing massage guns in the $150-$300 range, I wasn’t really expecting a massage gun under $100 to be up to the job. You get what you pay for, right? However, after revisiting the sales listing on Amazon again more recently, I found it has thousands of 5-star reviews. Could it be worth a 2nd look after all? I decided to keep an open mind and test it out for myself. Here’s my Youdgee massage gun review:

Appearance and finish

The Youdgee massage gun does LOOK like any other massage gun. They all look pretty similar – from the cheap to the more expensive models, you can’t really tell just by looking at one whether or not it’ll be any good. It’s a charcoal gray color (like many similar massage guns) with a small blue rubber strip on the handle with the Youdgee brand name on it. Overall, the finish looks pretty good and you couldn’t tell this was a cheap massage gun just by looking at it. It’s not as heavy as other massage guns I’ve tested and is slightly smaller, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s probably not quite the same quality, but lighter and smaller could make it easier to use for the average person.

Youdgee Massage Gun Controls

It has 3 buttons – a power button (on/off) and buttons to increase or decrease the speed. The display has a battery power indicator and a level indicator. It’s very simple to use and not something you’d need a user manual to explain. Just switch it on, start off with a low level (give your body time to get used to it), and start off with the sphere (ball) shaped head on one of the large muscle groups e.g. thigh, calf, arm, or back. Check out our article on how to use a massage gun.

What does it come with

It comes with 5 massage gun heads, a charger, and a carry case. Pretty standard for any massage gun, and probably good for the price. The 5 different-shaped heads are to target different muscle areas and parts of the body. These include the spherical, bullet, Y shape, thumb and flat head. The attachment heads seem sturdy and suitable for regular use.

Battery Life

It actually has a very impressive battery life of up to 5 hours on a full charge. This is a 2500mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. If you’re using your massage gun for 10-15 minutes at a time, it should last weeks before you need to charge it again. The device takes about 3-4 hours to charge fully.

Noise level

It has a noise level of just 35-55dB (depending on the level you’re using) which is as low as any other massage gun on the market right now. This level is considered to be pretty quiet and unobtrusive.

What we like

The Youdgee massager is half the price (or even a third) of some of the most popular massage guns. So it’s perfect for anyone on a budget or someone who just wants to try percussion massage without spending too much. It’s actually pretty good for what you’re paying.

There are 6 different speeds up to 3200rph. The top speed is actually comparable to the much more expensive Hypervolt. Speed isn’t the only indication of power though – you also need to take stall force and amplitude into consideration (we mention those further on in the article). There are also 5 Youdgee massage gun attachments (all the usual attachments that you would get with any massage gun).

You can’t argue with all the positive reviews. This might be a cheap massager and not as powerful as more expensive models, but most customers are enjoying using it and find it useful. It’s probably not for the professional athlete or sports person. However, if you just want to deal with some aches and pains, or treat your muscles to some after-exercise relief, this massager should be sufficient.

What we don’t like

We don’t know what the Youdgee massage gun amplitude or stall force is as it’s not advertised. Amplitude is how deep the massager “punches” into the muscle, and stall force is the amount of force you can exert on the massage gun when pressing it into the muscle (before it stalls). These are important indicators of the power of a massage gun. Not advertising these leads me to believe that both are probably lower than average (which is to be expected at this price point). It would be nice to know though because otherwise, it is impossible to compare this to other massage guns e.g. Youdgee massage gun vs Theragun (the most expensive brand).

There is a company website but they are a Chinese-based company so this is a Chinese seller on Amazon. This isn’t usually an issue (many of the more expensive models are also made in China). It can be more difficult to get a refund or avail of a warranty though when a company is not based in the US.  The item itself IS in stock in the US and available with Prime delivery. Check out the price here.

Conclusion – What I think of the Youdgee massage gun

Youdgee Massage Gun AttachmentsThe Youdgee massage gun is one of the cheapest massage guns on the market at the moment, coming in at under $100. For this price, it’s actually a pretty good massager. There are numerous Youdgee massage gun reviews from customers that back this up.

It’s not perfect though. We don’t actually know the amplitude and stall force, so it’s likely they’re lower than on a more expensive model. If this is the case, it’s unlikely to be as powerful. However, there are enough happy customers to suggest that this probably isn’t a big deal for the majority of users.

What It Does Have

What it does have is many of the same features you’d expect from a more expensive massager, including decent speed levels, 5 massage heads, and a carry case for easy transportation. So it’s perfect as a first massage gun, to test how percussion massage works for you, or to buy as a gift (for yourself or someone else).

If you’re using this for a relaxing massage, to treat the muscle stiffness and fatigue that comes with a sedentary job, for treating general aches and pains, or for muscle recovery after light exercise, you’ll probably find this is a very good massager. For the price it’s certainly worth a try and not a huge risk.

Check the Youdgee massage gun price here

For deeper muscles issues, or for the more experienced fitness enthusiast, athlete or sports person it’s probably better to spend a bit more and get a massage gun with a good stall force and amplitude.

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