Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini (A Comparison) Find Out Which Is Best!

Theragun Mini vs Hypervolt GoHypervolt and Theragun are two of the most popular handheld massager brands in the massage gun industry. Both have a number of different massage guns available, but in this article, we’re going to be comparing their mini massage guns. Which brand is better, Hypervolt vs Theragun? It’s time to find out. In this Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini comparison, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each to help you decide which one is right for you.

First though, a quick summary of the differences in case you’re in a hurry!

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Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini: What’s Different?

Theragun Mini
Theragun Mini

The main difference between the Hypervolt Go and the Theragun Mini is the power. The Theragun’s stall force and amplitude are both higher than the Hypervolt’s. The Theragun Mini has a stall force of 20 lbs vs Hypervolt Go’s 15 lbs and an amplitude of 12 mm vs Hypervolt’s 10 mm.


Another difference between the two is their design. Unlike most massage guns, these two bear no similarity to each other at all. The Hypervolt Go is the traditional massage gun “gun grip” shape whereas the Theragun Mini has a very different triangular ergonomic handle.

Hypervolt Go
Hypervolt Go

While the shape is different they both weigh approximately 1.5 lbs and are similar in size. Both are easily portable massage guns that you can throw in a gym bag, your purse, or even stick in your pocket.


Sadly the Theragun Mini only comes with one attachment – the standard ball head. The Hypervolt Go doesn’t do much better, but at least it has one more – a flat attachment and a bullet head (for smaller muscle groups and more targeted massages).


The Mini comes with a soft case to protect the massager, but it’s not really functional as a carrying case. The Hypervolt Go doesn’t come with any case. Of course, you could argue that they’re so small they don’t need a case as you can just pop them into whatever bag you’re carrying.


Both can be purchased on Amazon at the following links. The Hypervolt Go is the cheaper of the two:

Check Hypervolt Go Price on Amazon

Check Theragun Mini Price on Amazon

Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini: The Similarities

When it comes to Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini they might look totally different but they’re a similar size and weight so both are equally portable.

Both the Mini and Hypervolt have a battery life of approximately 2.5 hours. This battery life is pretty low for a massage gun in general, but it’s long enough to get a good few sessions in between charges.

Both the Hypervolt and the Mini are known for their quiet operation. Sound levels are typically around 55-65 dB (similar to an electric toothbrush).

As these are the entry-level massage guns in their respective ranges, neither comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth isn’t necessary for a good massage anyway – it’s just one of the smart features you sometimes get with more expensive full-sized massagers. Also, neither has a removable battery but again, that’s not a necessity for a good massage gun.

Theragun Mini

Theragun MiniThe full-sized Theraguns are well known for being some of the most powerful massage guns on the market for percussion therapy. They have high stall force (so you can apply more pressure), long stroke length (for deep, intense massage), Bluetooth-connected app, and high top speeds.

However, when you compare Theragun Mini to Therabody’s other fourth-generation massagers (Theragun Prime, Theragun Pro, and Theragun Elite) you’ll find that it’s lacking in many of these areas.

We do like the unique shape and it IS comfortable to use. Some people would say it’s a more natural grip than the traditional “gun grip” type massage guns that are most popular. Personally, I like the gun grip and find it gives me good control, particularly when trying to reach different parts of the body and applying more pressure.

What’s good about the Theragun Mini?

This fourth-generation Theragun has a unique shape – a triangular ergonomically shaped body for easy grip. Some people will love this – others prefer the “gun grip”. In the long run, they both do the same job so it doesn’t matter which you use.

Therabody is a great brand so you can expect quality and longevity from any of the Theragun massage devices, including the Theragun Mini.

With a stall force of 20 lbs, stroke length of 12 mm, and adjustable speed of up to 2400 RPM, the Theragun Mini has got reasonable specs for the price. The stroke length is particularly good as it’s similar to that of most average full-sized massage guns.

Why we think it has the slight edge over the Hypervolt Go

Of these two massage devices, the Theragun Mini offers a slightly longer stroke length (amplitude) and a higher stall force.

So technically, it will give slightly more powerful percussive therapy than the Hypervolt. For that reason, when comparing the Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini many would choose the Theragun for a better massage.

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However, compared to some other massage guns of the mini variety, the Theragun Mini is still not as powerful as it could be. Further on in this article, we’re going to talk about a mini massage gun with a whopping 35 lbs of stall force!

Hypervolt Go

This mini Hypervolt is Hyperice’s offering to the mini massage gun market. It’s certainly a popular brand, but is the massage gun itself any good? How does it compare to the Theragun Mini? And are there better portable massage devices out there for the money? Let’s find out!

What’s good about the Hypervolt Go?

Hyperice is a well-known, reputable brand. So if you choose a Hypervolt product, you probably won’t be disappointed. They definitely offer quality massage devices that last. Their customer service is good too, but it’s likely you’d never need to contact them.

The Hypervolt Go specs are fairly average among percussion massagers. Most mini massage gun devices have a lower stall force and stroke length than their full-size counterparts, and this is no different.

10mm stroke length, percussion range up to 3200 rpm, and stall force of 15 lbs. This wouldn’t be the choice of professional athletes but is perfectly acceptable for the average day-to-day user who wants to experience some percussive massage at home.

Why choose the Hypervolt vs Theragun?

Cheaper: The Hypervolt Go is slightly cheaper (not by that much though).

Higher speed: It has a higher adjustable speed than the Theragun Mini, although this doesn’t necessarily make it more powerful. It means that you get a more vibrational massage than a deep tissue massage. This suits some people better though as not everyone wants a massager that will go deep into the muscle tissue.

One extra attachment: It comes with 2 head attachments vs Theragun Mini’s one. Many people only ever use the ball attachment on their massage gun anyway, but it’s nice to have some different heads for a more versatile massage. The bullet head is particularly important if you ever need trigger point therapy.

TSA approved: Hypervolt’s are the only massage gun that are TSA approved. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t take another massage gun on board, but you definitely (officially) can take a Hypervolt on a plane. Plus the Hypervolt Go comes with international plug adapters while the Theragun only has a local charger.

If you want to check this product out and read customer reviews, it’s on Amazon:

Check Hypervolt Go price on Amazon

So is the Theragun the BEST mini massage gun on the market?

We’ve established that when comparing the Theragun Mini vs the Hypervolt Go, the Theragun has the better specs of the two. So overall, even though it’s a bit more expensive (and has only one attachment), it’s a better buy as it’s slightly more powerful.

But is it the best mini massage gun available?

You might find this surprising, but actually, no it’s not!

Because the Theragun’s top-of-the-range Theragun PRO really is one of the most powerful massage guns on the market, you might expect their “mini” version to be the best of the mini massage guns.

Unfortunately, despite it being a good massager, Therabody has dropped the ball slightly here. They could certainly have offered more for the price.

There are mini massage guns available with better overall specs (more powerful) and they’re cheaper too.

Let’s take a look at our top pick:

Ekrin Bantam

ekrin bantam mini massage gun
Ekrin Bantam – Get 20% off here (use coupon code HMG20)

We mention Ekrin products quite a bit here on this site because Ekrin Athletics is a fantastic brand with quality products (but without the crazy prices!) The Ekrin Bantam has far superior features and specifications and costs less too.

Here’s why we’d choose the Ekrin:

Why we think the Ekrin Bantam is a better pick

Higher stall force: It offers 35 lbs of stall force (the next highest, the Mini, can only muster up 20 lbs). That means you can apply more pressure when massaging and get deeper into the larger muscle groups. A lower stall force gives a more surface-level massage. 35 lbs is VERY impressive for such a tiny massage gun.

More attachments: It comes with 4 different head attachments for a more versatile massage experience. If you want to hit different muscles the right way, you need to use different attachments. For example, the bullet attachment is great for trigger point therapy and releasing muscle knots. The fork is great for massaging either side of the spine, or for the neck area. Neither the Hypervolt Go nor the Theragun Mini include these.

Longer battery life: Battery life is 6 hours (vs only 2.5 hours for the other two). That gives you plenty of usage time between charges.

Carrying case included: Neither the Hypervolt Go nor the Theragun Mini comes with a proper carrying case – the Ekrin Bantam does!

Cheaper: It can be found at around $150 (although you can get 20% off with our coupon code HMG20). Both the Hypervolt Go and Theragun Mini are more expensive.

So if you like to get a more in depth massage, with different attachments and higher speeds, go with the Ekrin Bantam. We think it’s simply better value for money than either the Theragun or the Hypervolt.

So Theragun Mini vs Hypervolt go, which would we choose?

Both the Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini are good massagers from popular, trustworthy brands. Their specs are average, but you can certainly expect quality and longevity from them (which is more than you get from a lot of massage devices out there!)

If I was forced to choose one, I’d go with the Theragun. There are many things I think are missing with this massage gun, but it IS the more powerful of the two.

However, when I spend $100+ on a gadget I like to get the best specs and features I can for my money. So for that reason, I’d say neither.

There are other percussion therapy models that are more powerful and if you can get a better massage for the money, why wouldn’t you?

My top choice would be the Ekin Bantam, which comes in at only $120 (if you use our 20% off coupon code HMG20).

It has a stall force of 35 lbs, which outshines the Theragun’s rather paltry 20 lbs by a lot! In fact, Ekrin Bantam’s high stall force is similar to that of an average full-sized massage gun. So you can get an intense massage experience with just this tiny massage gun AND save some money too.

Not only that, but it matches Hypervolt Go’s top speed (and exceeds the Theragun’s). It has a longer battery life of up to 6 hours, AND it comes with 4 different attachments vs Hypervolt’s two and the Mini’s one.

If you want to release tension in sore muscles, increase blood flow to the muscles for faster recovery, improve mobility, and relieve pain, one of the best massage guns would be a great buy. There’s a reason why they’re now found in physical therapist offices and they’re used by professional athletes. They just work!

We love portable devices like these mini massage guns, but they rarely have the same power as full-sized guns. The Ekrin Bantam is the remedy to this. It has all the power of a standard size percussion massager at half the size (and half the price!)

We recommend checking out the Ekrin Bantam here, and if you want to save 20% use our exclusive coupon code HMG20

Ekrin Mini Massage GunTheragun vs Hypervolt Chart

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