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Mini Massage GunAre you tired of sore muscles? Whether you’re experiencing the effects of a good workout, or your muscles are just stiff from sitting at a desk all day, we all know that feeling. A percussive therapy massage gun is the perfect portable option to aid muscle recovery and relieve pain, wherever and whenever. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 6 best mini massage gun devices on the market right now! Our reviews will include their pros and cons so that it’s easier for you to pick which one is best suited for your needs.

Why pick a mini massage gun vs a standard massage gun?

A mini massage gun is a handheld device that gives you a deep tissue massage. It’s smaller and easier to use than a traditional massage gun, which is why it’s perfect for those with busy lifestyles. Being smaller, it’s easier to handle and is lighter and easy to carry in a gym bag or briefcase. Mini massage guns are also great for targeting specific areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, or back. A larger standard-sized massage gun is heavier, more expensive, and may not be as comfortable to use. Most mini massage guns can even be charged using a USB Type C charger.

So let’s get started! We’ve researched all the best mini massage guns available right now, and these are our top picks:

The Top Six Mini Massage Guns on the Market in 2022

Ekrin Bantam – Editor’s Choice 2022

Ekrin Bantam Mini Massage Gun
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This mini massage gun is from one of our favorite brands, Ekrin Athletics. A compact massage gun like this is perfect for those who are looking for a deep tissue massage but without the expense. It’s surprisingly strong and durable for its miniature size and will work for treating all sorts of muscle issues. It has 3 speeds and comes with a variety of attachments, making it ideal for targeting specific areas of the body. The Ekrin Bantam can be used in the home or office and comes with a  stylish travel case.

Battery life – 6 hours

4 Interchangeable heads – Ball head, bullet head, flat head, and round

3 Speed settings – 2000-3200 RPM

Weight – 1.1 lbs

Stall Force – Up to 35lbs (quite impressive for such a small massage gun)

Having researched all the mini massage guns on the market, we’ve found the Ekrin Bantam to be one of the most powerful when it comes to stall force. It’s even more powerful than Theragun’s mini massage gun and priced at only $149 this little “pocket rocket” is a great investment. We also like that it has multiple massage heads, unlike some of the other top brands coming up that have only one or two! One of the reasons we like Ekrin Athletics so much is that they offer fantastic customer service. All their products are top quality so you won’t be disappointed if you give this massager a try.

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Z Smart Mini Massage Gun – Most Powerful Mini Massager  (FSA Eligible!)

Z Smart Mini Massage Gun

Like the Ekrin Bantam, this tiny but powerful massage gun gets great customer reviews, because it’s also top quality! The Z Smart Mini definitely stands out from the rest though. It has an advertised stall force of 60 lbs (higher than any other mini massage gun listed here) AND it’s also an FSA eligible massage gun. So if you have some HSA or FSA funds to spend, you might be able to use them to buy this. Zarifa USA’s products are certified by the FDA as Class I and Class II devices.

Battery life – 6 hours

4 Interchangeable heads – Ball head, bullet head, flat head, and fork attachment

5 Speed settings – 1100-3500 RPM

Weight – 1.25 lbs

Stall Force – Up to 60lbs according to the website (same as a full-sized massage gun)

Like all the mini massage guns mentioned on this page, this is the perfect pocket-sized massager for traveling or on the go. This one is particularly powerful though – the MOST powerful one we’ve come across. It has a commercial-grade brushless motor with a stall force that rivals many full-sized massage guns and an amplitude of 12mm. And of course, an added bonus is that you can buy with FSA or HSA.

It has a whopping 6 hours of battery life (like our top pick, the Ekrin Bantam) and can be charged using USB. If you’re a fitness enthusiast or just looking for a deep tissue massager that you can stick in your gym bag, purse or pocket, definitely check this one out!

Theragun Mini – Best Triangular Shape Mini Massage Gun

Theragun Mini Massager
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The Theragun (along with the Hypervolt) is easily the most well-known brand of the massager on the market. With its top massage gun the Theragun Pro coming in at nearly $600, it’s also the most expensive. But is their mini version any good? Unlike the other “gun-shaped” mini massage guns, this one is an ergonomic triangular shape. It’s different, but just as comfortable as the others to use, and is also perfectly sized to fit in a pocket, purse or gym bag for easy portability. If this shape handle appeals to you, this might be your top choice.

For us though, although it’s good, it’s not quite as powerful as the Ekin Bantam and Z Smart Mini. It’s also MORE expensive, but with LESS battery life. The one thing it does have is the highest amplitude (stroke length) of any mini massage gun. It’s just unfortunate that the stall force isn’t quite up to scratch.

It comes with a soft case and just the one included attachment – the standard ball attachment. For the price, we would’ve expected a few more attachment heads to give a bit more value for money.

Battery life – 2.5 hours

Only 1 massage head

Speed settings – 3 (1750 – 2400 RPM)

Weight – 1.4lbs

Stall Force – 20lbs

You could never exclude the Theragun from any list of “best massage guns”. Therabody’s products are well made, durable and built to last. The quality is definitely there and you can’t argue with all the 5 star customer reviews. Anyone who buys it loves it.

However, in our opinion, the mini offering doesn’t quite compare to some of the other compact massage gun products available. Battery life is relatively short and it only comes with one attachment. With only 20lbs of stall force you won’t get as deep a massage as some of the others listed here. Theragun has many fans of the brand though so this is still a very popular mini massage gun and worth checking out.

Addsfit Mini Massage Gun – Lightest

Addsfit Mini Grey
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Weighing in at just 360g or 0.8lbs this is the lightest of all the mini massage guns we’ve mentioned here. Usually lighter also equals less powerful, and that’s true in this case too. That doesn’t mean it’s not suitable though – it just won’t be suited to everyone!

This mini massage gun comes with just 2 attachments – flat and bullet (or thumb). Both of these are good and useful massage heads, although I’d like to have seen a round one too. The top speed is slightly lower than the others (although not by much) and battery life is great. Stall force, while not the highest is not that low either for such a light massager. It’s actually higher than the Theragun Mini! Where it does fall down though is on amplitude or stroke length. Amplitude for this massager is only 6mm which won’t make for a particularly deep massage. Not everyone buys these mini massage guns looking for a strong deep tissue massage though.

Battery life – up to 8 hours

Attachment heads – 2

3 Speeds – 1600 – 3000

Product weight: 0.8lbs

Stall Force: 27 lbs

Overall this is a pretty good massage gun for the price (it only costs about $100). It’s super small and light, and has a reasonably good stall force so you can apply some decent pressure to your muscles with it. It comes in 2 different colors as well – grey and pink. With a low amplitude it’s not meant for more muscular users, but no doubt it will have plenty of fans as it’s a nice massager at an affordable price.

Hypervolt Go

Mini Massage Gun
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Like Therabody, their top competitor Hyperice has also introduced a mini massage gun to the market. Known as the Hypervolt Go, this mini massage gun is perfect for those who are looking to ease muscle pain and tension. The Hypervolt Go comes with two attachments: one large flat attachment and one pointed tip (bullet) for precision work on smaller areas like your neck or shoulders.

The Hypervolt Go is a great massage gun, with very positive customer reviews (see Amazon). Like the Theragun Mini though, we found that the stall force and battery life were underwhelming compared to the Ekrin Bantam and Z Smart Mini.

Battery life – 2.5 hours

Massage heads – 2

No. of speeds – 3

Weight – 1.5 lbs (the heaviest of our picks)

Stall Force – Up to 25 lbs

The price is good and if you want a Hypervolt but prefer one that’s about 30% smaller and lighter than the new Hypervolt 2, definitely check out the Hypervolt Go mini massage gun. For a mini massage gun, the specs are fairly average, but Hyperice is a popular brand. Anyone with a Hypervolt already and who is looking for a smaller version will probably jump on this. It’s TSA approved too if you want to take it abroad when traveling.

The stall force of 25lbs and amplitude of 10 mm is quite good for a massager of its size, but they could’ve provided more massage heads and a nice little carrying case. It gets plenty of great customer reviews from people who are enjoying using it though so do have a look on Amazon.

Lifepro DynaMini Massage Gun – Most Affordable

Dynamini Massage Gun
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This Lifepro DynaMini is best for someone new to massage or just looking for a relaxing massage rather than a deep tissue one. This is because the amplitude and stall force on this mini massage gun is far lower than the rest (amplitude is only 6mm and stall force up to 11 lbs). This is reflected in the price (this is the cheapest on our list).

It has a similar speed to the others, but it doesn’t punch deep into the muscle like those with a higher amplitude. You can’t push very hard either without it stalling as the stall force is low.  That doesn’t mean it’s not a good product – it actually has mostly 5-star reviews (and Lifepro is a great brand). It just means it’s not for everyone and if you like a good intense deep tissue massage after a workout, this won’t hit deep into the muscle like others.

It’s powered by a USB rechargeable battery and has an ergonomic design for comfortable use. The DynaMini Gun also comes with a storage pouch, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Battery life – 3 hours

4 Massage heads –  Round, Flat, Spinal, and Bullet

Speeds: 900 – 3200 RPM

Product weight – 1.1 lbs

Stall Force – Up to 11 lbs

If you’re looking for a way to wake up stiff, sore muscles, or improve blood flow and mobility without paying too much, give this a try. It’s only $79.99 with our coupon code and it gets great reviews. I think for anyone looking for a proper deep tissue massage though, you might want to go for one of our other picks further up the list.

Benefits of a mini massage gun

Easy to use

girl using addsfit The mini massage gun is extremely easy to use – it has a grip handle and is small and light. Perfect for a quick massage session whenever you need one.

Can be used to treat all major muscle groups

It can be used on most parts of the body, including feet, head, back, and arms.

Portable and easy to carry

Its compact size means that you can take it anywhere – even if you’re traveling or camping. Or just throw it in your gym bag or briefcase when going to the gym or work. It should even fit in your pocket!

Massage guns are the perfect option to treat muscle soreness with some percussive therapy on the go. Use a minigun to increase blood flow and for pain relief in any muscle group. Aching muscles will be a thing of the past.

Versatile massage

There are a number of different speeds for more intense or lighter massages depending on what feels best for you.

Good battery life

If how much battery life a massager has is important to you then a mini massage gun is a good choice. The batteries last for hours at a time, so no need to worry about being without power! Many mini massage guns can be even charged using a USB charger connected to your laptop.


Smaller motors mean that mini massage guns are surprisingly quiet. You can use one without disturbing the people around you. Whether you’re at home watching TV, at the gym, or even in the office, you can have a short massage session with your mini!


The price is affordable and a great choice for anyone looking for a budget massage gun (usually cheaper than a standard-size massage gun). There are many different brands available online to choose from and all are under $200. Our top picks above are 6 of the best!

Potential disadvantages of a mini massage gun

The main disadvantage is that some are not as powerful as a full-size massage gun. The top speeds are often the same, but the amplitude and stall force are usually (but not always) lower. This means that if you are looking for a more intense massage, then this may not be the best option for you. You can get a good massage, but not as much of a “deep” tissue massage with these pocket-sized massagers. However, most people find that the mini versions work just fine for their needs. It’s worth checking out the customer reviews to see if they’re the right option for you.6 Best Min Message Guns

You’ve seen our top picks for the best mini massage gun – now it’s up to you!

As you can see above, the best mini massage gun devices are designed to be small, lightweight, and easy to use. These features make it easier for you to get the relief from aching muscles you need in just minutes a day, without having to spend hours at your chiropractor’s or masseur’s office.

These compact and cheap massage guns also make a great alternative to a standard-size massage gun. They are smaller and easier to control (cheaper too!). Plus they’re the perfect option for anyone looking for a more portable massage gun for traveling or using on the go. The only thing that they do lack though is power. Smaller, lighter motors = lower amplitude and less stall force.

Our top pick however, the Ekrin Bantam, IS powerful for its size and is well worth checking out. Plus you can get 20% off with our exclusive coupon code HMG20.

Want to spend your FSA on a massage gun? Then check out the Z Smart Mini from Zarifa USA. It’s also the most powerful massager on the list for anyone looking for a more intense deep tissue massage.

We hope that this review has helped you learn more about the benefits of owning one of these products so that you can find one which suits your needs perfectly. If you have any questions about any of our best mini massage guns listed above please get in touch!

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