Opove M3 Pro vs Hypervolt: An Inexpensive Alternative That Works?

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opove m3 pro vs hypervolt

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The demand for massage guns has surged in recent years as people look for a cheaper way to get the benefits of a good massage, without having to pay for the expensive services of a massage therapist. Two of the most popular models on the market are the Hypervolt and the Opove M3 Pro. Both have a huge market and thousands of positive reviews. However, if you look at the two side by side you’ll notice that they actually look almost exactly the same. Seeing as the Hyperice Hypervolt came first, many might say that the Opove is just a Hypervolt knockoff or clone.

But could it be just as good (even though it’s almost half the price?)

In this article we’re going to compare the two – the Opove M3 Pro vs Hypervolt to see their differences and similarities. This should help you to choose between the two.

In case you’re in a hurry here’s a quick summary:

Hypervolt Opove M3 PRO
Battery Life 3 hours 3 hours
Product Weight 2.5lbs 2.5lbs
Sound Up to 60 dB Up to 55 dB
Speed Settings 3 Levels 3 Levels
Power 3200 RPM (Feels more powerful) 3200 RPM
Carry Case Not included ($49 extra) Included free
Attachments 5 4
Colors available Silver 4 colors – Silver, Black, Red & Navy Camo
Price $185 (Save an extra 15% with coupon code OPOVE15)
Check price on Amazon Buy Now

Similarities between Opove M3 Pro vs Hypervolt

As I already mentioned, the Opove M3 Pro and the Hypervolt by Hyperice are two of the hottest models on the market today. Here’s what’s similar:

Battery life


Both come with an efficient lithium-ion battery, good enough to last for about three hours per charge without any issues. The battery for each of these massage guns is also detachable. So if 3 hours isn’t enough, you can purchase a stand by battery that can be used while the other is charging.

Product weight

The weight of a massage gun is important to take into consideration, particularly if you have weak wrists, an injury, or hands/arms that get sore easily. Also if you need to carry it around, you don’t want a device that’s too heavy!

Both massage guns are equally lightweight and very portable. They each weigh 2.5lbs.

Design and build

Looking at the design of the two, you’ll see that they’re both very similar. In fact, they’re almost exactly the same! Looking at them side by side you might say that the Hypervolt has a slightly more premium feel to it. The workmanship is a little more sophisticated, with a marginally smoother finish. It’s definitely not something you’d notice though unless you get a chance to handle both.

Both are the same gun-shape design making them easy to use. You just need to hold the handle with one hand and point it at the spot you want to massage.

Noise Output

The Opove’s quiet glide technology is a standout point and ensures the noise does not go beyond 55 decibels (and only 35 dB at it’s lowest setting). This makes it a great model to use on the gym floor during your workout routine, in front of your TV, or next to a sleeping partner.

The Hypervolt percussion massager also embraces the quiet glide technology and registers at a slightly higher 60 dB (at its highest). That’s still pretty quiet, so overall there isn’t really enough of a difference between the two to make one stand out over the other.

Differences between Opove M3 Pro and Hypervolt


opove m3 pro with 4 attachments and free case
M3 Pro

The most significant difference between the Hyperice Hypervolt vs Opove M3 PRO is the power. The Hypervolt is the more powerful of the two, marginally. Both have 3 speed settings of up to 3200 percussions per minute so you’d think they should be exactly the same, but they’re not quite.

We’ve tested them both and the Hypervolt does feel a bit more powerful, especially the highest setting. You might never even need the highest setting though, and judging by the amount of 5 star reviews Opove has, the power seems to be sufficient for the majority of users.

Attachments and carry case

Opove M3 Pro comes with four attachments and a free carry case included. There are 4 main important heads for a massager – a round head, a flat head, a bullet head, and a fork/spinal head (for all the different areas of the body) and Opove has all these.

The Hypervolt has five interchangeable attachment heads, but NO carry case. There is one available, but you have to purchase it separately (it costs about $50). The extra head is a cushion head, which is just a softer attachment for more sensitive areas. It’s not a necessity, but might be good if you’ve got sensitive skin or an injury that requires more delicate treatment.


The Opove M3 PRO is very affordably priced at about $185 on the official website, however if you use coupon code OPOVE15 you can get it for just $157.25! (15% off)

Hypervolt has an RRP of $349 on the official website. It’s available on Amazon in case you want to cross-check prices.

As you can see the Hypervolt is definitely quite a bit more expensive – almost double the price. But although it is slightly more powerful, is it worth paying so much more? That’s for you to decide based on your own budget and needs.

Who should use a massage gun?

Self-massagers are great for athletes looking for better endurance. Both Opove M3 Pro and Hypervolt are great for enthusiastic gym goers and trainers, chiropractors, and therapists. These are lightweight massage guns you can carry to the gym, your office or use at home.

Both massagers are great for people struggling with fibromyalgia, sciatica, bulging disc, chronic back pain, and muscle recovery after an intense workout.

As you compare Opove M3 Pro vs Hypervolt, keep in mind that both massagers help promote faster recovery and alleviate muscle stiffness and soreness. Use these incredible massage guns if you are looking for a great way to stimulate your central nervous system (releases tension and promotes relaxation), flush out toxins, improve range of motion, and increase blood circulation.

To Sum Up: Opove or Hypervolt?

Investing in a massage gun is a wise decision and I’m sure your muscles will thank you for it. Whether you’re interested in the highly acclaimed Hypervolt, or you want a cheaper Hypervolt alternative such as the Opove, they’re so similar that you’ll be able to get decent results with either.

The only real difference between the two is that you might find the Hypervolt to be slightly more powerful. In our opinion, it’s not a big enough difference to warrant spending an extra $150 though.

So which should you choose?

If the brand name is important to you then the Hypervolt is certainly one of the best known on the market right now. It’s been featured in many top publications including GQ, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Self and CNET.

Want a product that’s endorsed by sports professionals? The NBA recently announced a partnership with Hyperice that will see the Hypervolt used for courtside recovery. Pretty impressive if it’s good enough for elite sportsmen and women like those in the NBA!

That doesn’t mean the Opove is a massage gun of lesser quality though. Sports partnerships are all about branding and marketing!

If budget is a factor, then you’ll definitely want to opt for the Opove which is almost half the price. It also has a carrying case included, which surprisingly the Hypervolt does NOT (although you can buy one separately for about $50).

Here’s where you can buy both:

Hypervolt is  available on Amazon

Opove M3 Pro’s best price is on the Opove official website (use coupon code OPOVE15 to get an extra 15% off!)



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