What’s The Quietest Percussion Massager In 2021? Sound Levels Compared

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too much noiseIf you’ve been checking out some percussion massagers, you’ll probably have seen that most will list the sound decibels that they operate at. That’s because the sound level is something you want to take into consideration when buying. Some can be VERY loud, to the point of being uncomfortable. Luckily in 2021 percussion massagers that are too loud are few and far between, but they’re not exactly a thing of the past JUST yet. So you definitely want to be aware of what kind of sound you’re comfortable with – especially if you are sensitive to certain noise levels. In this article we’re going to compare the sound decibels of popular massage guns so that you can see which is the quietest percussion massager.

Quietest Percussion Massager Comparison

We’ve listed the quietest massage guns in order from the least noise output (at the top) to the most. These are some of the most popular on the market at the time of writing, but if there are any you’d like included please get in touch!

Ekrin B37: 30-55 dB

OPOVE M3 PRO: 30-55 dB

Hypervolt: 50-60 dB

Lifepro Sonic: 60 dB+

Theragun: 65 dB

Kraftgun: 65 dB

And the winners are …

In joint first place, the Opove M3 Pro and the Ekrin B37 – both with sound ranging from 35-55 dB, and both are bestsellers on the massage gun market. 35 dB (at the lowest level) is as quiet as a whisper, and at the upper level 55 dB is equivalent to the sound of a household refrigerator. That’s pretty quiet, is absolutely safe, and of course, is a comfortable sound even for those who are sensitive to noise.

Both models are suitable for everyone but are most popular with everyday gym users. They’re also for anyone who wants to treat muscle issues like stiffness, pain, knots or issues like sciatica etc. Office workers or those who work sitting in one position for long periods find them useful too as a massage gun can be used to loosen up muscles and release tightness.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 2:

Ekrin B37

The ergonomic shape, long battery life and low sound make the Ekin B37 a game changer in the massager market. Not only is it the quietest massage gun in our list (along with the Opove M3 PRO) it’s also one of the most powerful. And yet it still comes in at a very affordable price!

It weighs in at just 2.2lbs, comes with a free carrying case, and interchangeable tips for varied focus and pressure. It offers 5 different speeds (at up to 3200 RPM), and has a 12mm stroke length for a good deep massage. It can deliver up to 56lbs of pressure (stall force), and that’s actually VERY close to the Theragun which has a stall force of 60lbs. That means that you can really push the massage head hard into the muscle without the massager stalling.

The 15 degree ergonomic handle can be used to reach any part of the body easily without having to stretch. Battery life is up 8 hours per charge – which is one of the longest in the industry (most average at 3-5 hours). This could potentially last weeks between charges depending on how often you use it which is very convenient! You can’t go wrong with this massager if you’re looking for one that’s quiet, yet powerful.

For more info check it out  on the Ekrin B37 website (currently 20% off for Black Friday with coupon code HMG20)

Or read our Ekrin B37 review for more info

Opove M3 Pro

The Opove is currently one of the top sellers on the market, and even the sound level is the same as the Ekrin B37, it’s the cheaper of the two. The Opove is not quite as powerful as the Ekrin, but it’s probably more than enough for the majority of users – see customer reviews for more details.

The Opove is lightweight (2.2lbs), quiet, and has 3 speed settings that deliver up to 3200 percussions per minute. Stroke length is 12mm. Its rechargeable battery lasts for about 3 hours per charge, which should easily power through a week’s worth of workouts.

It has an automatic shut off function at 10 minutes to prevent injury – 10 minutes is enough for most people but you can switch it on for another round if you’re massaging different areas. The anti drop shell means that even if you drop it from around 2m (or 6.6ft) it should still be okay (it can happen but don’t go testing it!) A free carry case is included plus 4 attachment heads.

For more info on this product read our Opove M3 Pro review.

To check it out and get $40 off visit the official website

NOTE: Although those are the quietest, anything up to about 60 dB is a comfortable sound for most users. 

Have a look at what to expect from different sound levels on the following decibel scale:

decibel scale

Older models were as loud as a helicopter!

The earliest percussion massage guns operated at up to 100 decibels, and sometimes slightly more. For example, the Theragun G2PRO (a predecessor of the Theragun PRO listed above) maxed out at a whopping 107 decibels. That’s comparable to the sound of a helicopter, or a jackhammer – both of which are rarely used without ear protection.

Can you imagine using a massager THAT LOUD on your neck or shoulders? You’d definitely need to at least wear ear plugs. And you probably wouldn’t want to use it in company as the sound would probably be pretty annoying (not to mention painful for yourself). Luckily, the motor sound of many earlier models have now been drastically scaled back for more comfortable (and safer) usage. Nowadays 85 dB seems to be loudest. That’s still pretty loud, but now you’ve got options for much quieter percussion massagers so you can shop around.

Benefits of buying the quietest percussion massager

Comfortable usage

The main benefit of investing in one of the quietest massage guns is comfort for yourself. Who wants to hear a sound like a jackhammer in their ear while trying to relax with a good massage after a long day or a hard workout? A quiet massager is more enjoyable to use and you won’t be rushing to get finished just to stop the ringing in your ears.

No need to massage in solitude

Percussion massagers are a great way to get a massage anywhere at a time and place of your choosing, and with the right one you shouldn’t have to hide behind a closed door while using it! Use your massage gun at the gym straight after your workout, at the office to combat muscle stiffness, or even use it in bed while your partner is sleeping. The quietest percussion massager won’t cause a disturbance seeing as it’s barely audible.

Final thoughts

It’s well worth shopping around to find the quietest percussion massager, especially if you intend to use it in a public place (or even in front of the TV). And of course for your own ease of use, it’s just a better experience all round if your massager is quiet. Although the Opove and Ekrin B37 are the quietest on the market, there are plenty of other options available that operate at comfortably low levels.

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