Kraftgun Massage Gun Review

Update 2022: Kraftgun is no longer on the market. If you read the review, you’ll probably see why (lots of unhappy customers due to crazy long shipping times).

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Kraftgun ReviewKraftgun is a massage gun product that has gained a lot of buzz in recent times, mainly due to its (very) aggressive social media activities and overall online presence. But, is it worth the hype? Or is it just another massage gun in the already saturated fitness tools market? Here, we will give our unbiased Kraftgun review.

Quick Summary: Why We DON'T Recommend Kraftgun
Just in case you don’t take the time to read to the end of this review (I’m sure you’re busy!), there is something important that needs to be highlighted about this product. Yes, it’s a very good massage gun – there really is nothing negative to say about the product itself.

However, the company has had MAJOR issues with its shipping and distribution for over a year now. Also, their communication about this problem has been less than adequate for many customers. Right now, on the website, it states that due to demand, it will take 8-10 weeks to SHIP . That’s a ridiculously long wait for a product that most likely you’re buying because you need it right now. According to an announcement on their Facebook page, shipping times are improving so maybe in the near future they’ll catch up. For now, though, Kraftgun might not be the best choice (this might change if they get their act together) unless you’re okay with waiting.

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Now that we’ve got that off our chest though, let’s get back to the Kraftgun review in case you’re still interested!

Let’s first start by discussing the key features of the Kraftgun.

Key Features

  • Produces only 65 of noise, making it one of the quietest massage guns out there (Kraftgun advertises it as “noise-free” – it’s not, but still pretty quiet)
  • Only 2.2. lbs or 1 kilogram in weight. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry around
  • 16mm amplitude length
  • 3 different modes of adjustable arms.
  • Brushless 24V-250W motor
  • 66-80 lbs stall force
  • 30 Hz 1st speed, 35Hz 2nd speed, 40Hz 3rd speed
  • Great battery life, you can use the Kraftgun for up to 3-4 hours on a single charge
  • Samsung battery, reliable and durable
  • 1800-2400 RPM speed
  • Three attachments included for various sizes of muscles (large to small)

What’s Included In the Package

In the Kraftgun box, you will get the following things:

  • The Kraftgun (massage gun)
  • Charging cable and plug
  • 4 different attachment heads, you can use the larger ones for bigger muscle groups, and smaller attachments for your sensitive areas – Flat, fork, round and bullet
  • A case for the Kraftgun and the accessories, another smaller case for attachment heads

Our Review

The Kraftgun is a relatively new massage gun available in the market, and as mentioned, we probably have learned about it due to its aggressive online advertising and social media campaigns. It’s even been featured on Men’s Health, so you know it’s one to look out for.

As a massage gun, the core function of the Kraftgun is to assist with self-myofascial release, to assist in relieving pain, tissue tension, and stress associated with fatigue (especially after workouts), and to improve blood circulation on massaged parts of our body, speeding up and enhancing the recovery process.

Here is our review of the different aspects of Kraftgun:

Noise-Free Claim

The Kraftgun is often marketed as noise-free. To be honest, that isn’t actually the case since the Kraftgun will still produce around 65db of noise, which is still significant and not that silent. However, since most massage guns nowadays produce around 60-80 db of sound, it is still good. Although it isn’t actually “noise-free” as the advertising claim is, we can say that the Kraftgun is definitely one of the quieter massage guns available on the market.

Speed and Power

Arguably the most important factor when considering the different massage guns is to answer the questions: how fast the massaging speed is? And how powerful?

With that being said, the Kraftgun is very impressive in speed and power: the Kraftgun can produce 16mm amplitude with a stall force of 66 pounds (up to 80 pounds). This is due to the 24V brushless motor (which also contributes to the low noise level of the Kraftgun). The motor can operate at three different speeds—30Hz, 25Hz, and 40Hz) producing 1.800 RPM of rotation and up to 2,400 RPM.

Very decent overall speed, especially considering the low-noise feature as discussed above. It compares very favorably with models such as the Theragun, which is one of the most expensive on the market.

Size and Weight

The Kraftgun weighs in at only 2.2. pounds (that is, around 1 kilogram), and is very compact in size when compared to most massage guns available in the market. Also, in the box, you’ll get a carrying case as a bonus (secured with a zipper). These made the Kraftgun a very portable massage gun to carry around, and most individuals won’t have any issue maneuvering and massaging all parts of the body with its 2.2 pounds weight.

Battery Life

Another key advantage of Kraftgun is its battery. The Kraftgun features a high-quality Samsung battery that is quite reliable, fast to charge, and durable.

In the earlier advertisements and campaigns, the Kraftgun is often advertised to last around 6-7 hours depending on how often you use it and this pressure setting (speed) used. Also, Kraftgun advertises this product to “charge once a month”.

However, in practice, the Kraftgun battery can only operate for around 3-4 hours of regular use (the latest advertisements also claimed 3.5 hours of battery life, which is quite accurate). It is still a pretty decent battery life, especially considering how powerful it is as a massage gun. It is, however, recommended for users to fully charge the Samsung battery before first use.


Kraftgun offers a 2-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing damage, battery, motor, PCB, and housing damage. This is very good since most other massage guns only offer 60 or 90 days of warranty. It is worth noting, however, that Kraftgun’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage (as with most electronic devices),

Also worth noting is the fact that the Kraftgun is pretty well-built and quite durable, so the warranty is probably not necessary (just an added value).

Pros and Cons Of Kraftgun

Based on our review above, here is our list of pros and cons for Kraftgun.


  • Only 65db of sound was produced, not exactly noise-free but low enough noise level
  • Adjustable handle
  • 4 different head attachments to use with various muscles and muscle groups
  • 3 different speed/pressure settings
  • 3.5 hours of battery life
  • Carrying case included, and another case for the 4 attachment heads


  • Not exactly the cheapest option available (the price is more than justified though seeing as Kraftgun’s specs compare very favorably to the Theragun G3PRO which is almost twice the price)
  • You can only get it from KRAFT official store

I’ve heard there are problems – is Kraftgun a scam?

If you’ve visited Kraftgun’s Facebook page (and you should so that you get the full picture), you’ll probably have seen quite a lot of anger and frustration from customers. There are orders as far back as late October and early November (I’m writing this in February) that still haven’t been fulfilled. Some people bought theirs as a Christmas gift for loved ones and didn’t receive them in time. And unfortunately, Kraftgun’s customer service has been less than stellar. People have waited up to 8 days for replies to queries. They’ve made promises about delivery that haven’t been kept. And it’s not just an isolated incident or two (which could be forgiven as these things happen to the best of businesses).

So is there a Kraftgun scam?

No, I don’t believe it’s a scam. They’ve made numerous excuses for their problems from “unexpected demand over the holiday season”, to Chinese New Year, to more recently the coronavirus (their products are shipped from China). As far as I’m concerned the company seems to be legit, but I think they just weren’t adequately prepared for the popularity of the product and haven’t been able to catch up yet. For now, that’s a worry for any potential customers. Particularly as they continue to advertise their product (you’ll probably have seen the ads if you use social media), but can’t seem to get them delivered in a reasonable time frame.

The Kraftgun itself is a great product, BUT…

In terms of features and specs, it rivals some of the best massage guns on the market. People who HAVE received their order are extremely happy with their massager and Kraftgun reviews overall are very positive. Unfortunately, the company has failed some of its customers though, and with the current delays, I don’t think it’s worth ordering one right now. Hopefully, they can get their act together in the near future and I’ll certainly keep an eye on how things are going and update this article accordingly.

Final thoughts

The Kraftgun is definitely a very strong contender as one of the best massage guns available on the market today, even when compared to other famous competitors. It’s very compact and lightweight, it produces a reasonably low level of noise (65Db) when compared to other competitors, it is powerful and versatile, and has pretty decent battery life.

However, we can’t ignore the current problems that they’re having both with communication and distribution so we can’t currently recommend it right now (despite being a good product). That doesn’t mean things won’t change in the future (they do say they’re trying to address the issues and that shipping times are improving). There have been way too many complaints about people waiting months for delivery, and not getting any answers from customer service about when products will arrive.

If you DO decide you want one, be aware that you could be waiting weeks or even months for your delivery, and the updates you get probably won’t always tell you exactly what’s happening with your order. Personally, if I was looking to buy a massage gun right now I’d opt for the Ekrin B37s  because you can trust that you’ll get your order quickly (with FREE shipping). If you compared it side by side with the Kraftgun you’ll find it’s almost exactly the same product with only very minor differences.

The Ekrin B37s is available on the official Ekrin Athletics website, where you can get 20% off if you use our coupon code HMG20 at checkout. They also offer FREE shipping, a lifetime warranty & excellent US-based customer service.

Kraftgun Testimonials

Testimonial 1: “I have been using the Kraftgun massage gun for the past month, and I am blown away by how much it has helped with my recovery after workouts. As a fitness enthusiast, I tend to push my body to the limit, which often results in sore muscles and pain. However, with the Kraftgun, I can now enjoy a deep tissue massage in the comfort of my own home, which has significantly reduced my muscle soreness and allowed me to train harder and more frequently. The various massage heads that come with the Kraftgun are also great for targeting specific muscle groups, which has helped me to achieve better muscle definition and overall fitness goals. I highly recommend the Kraftgun to anyone looking to take their fitness routine to the next level.”

Testimonial 2: “I was skeptical at first about the Kraftgun massage gun, but after using it for just a few days, I am a believer. As someone who suffers from chronic pain due to a past injury, I have tried various therapies over the years, but nothing has provided the relief that the Kraftgun has. The deep tissue massage is incredibly effective in releasing tension and reducing pain in my muscles and joints. I also appreciate the adjustable speed and intensity levels, which allow me to customize my massage experience to my needs. Overall, the Kraftgun has positively impacted my fitness goals by allowing me to train without pain and discomfort, and I am grateful for this game-changing tool.”
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