Opove Apex Massage Gun Review: Worth the Hype or Not?

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If you’re someone who struggles regularly with sore muscles, stiffness or stress you’re probably familiar with the concept of a massage gun. A massage gun uses vibration therapy to improve circulation, relieve pain and soreness, increase flexibility and range of motion, and alleviate stress. This is an affordable device that everyone should have in their home for when the need for a massage arises. Which one should you choose? We test and review the best here on this blog! Right now though we’re going to look at the Opove Apex massage gun – a new massager that came on the market via a Kickstarter project in late 2021. Is it worth the hype or not? Read our Opove Apex review to find out!

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Opove Apex: What does it offer?

First and foremost, let’s shed some light on the most prominent features and specifications of the Opove Apex massage gun.

Power – Top specs that you normally only get on a more expensive massager

This is the most important aspect of any massage gun, and it’s where this massager really stands out. The device has a maximum stall force of 50lbs (that’s the amount of pressure you can apply before the massage gun stalls). 50 lbs is considered to be a very high stall force, so this massage gun can be used to apply a lot pressure on your sore muscles, even at the lowest speed level.

Amplitude (also known as stroke depth) is a very impressive 14.5mm. Again, this is quite high as the average amplitude is usually 12mm. So expect this massage gun to be able to punch deeper into the muscle for a more effective deep tissue massage.

Sound – Impressively quiet for comfortable use anywhere

The Opove Apex is designed to be extremely quiet (approximately 49 dB). This is equivalent to the sound of a quiet refrigerator. The low sound is very convenient so you can use it while watching TV, having a conversation etc.

Battery – Ok but not the longest

This massage gun is battery powered, which has the advantage that you can easily recharge your device when it’s necessary. The Opove Apex massage gun has a general battery life of 3.5 hours when it’s fully charged. Not the longest battery life by any means, but long enough seeing as you’ll only use a massage gun for about 15 minutes per session anyway.

3 Speed levels

The Opove Apex massage gun also has different settings that you can work with. For instance, you can choose between three different speed levels, depending on what kind of sensation you’re going for. The top speed is 2700 rpm.

Unique ergonomic design for comfortable grip

Finally, something needs to be said about the Opove Apex massage gun’s sleek design too. The unique 45º holding angle design makes it ideal to place in your hand without your wrist getting tired. Besides that, the massage gun’s also made from environment-friendly materials, which contributes to Opove’s durable reputation.

What we like about the Opove Apex

Great Price-Quality Ratio

Firstly, the biggest advantage of the Opove Apex massage gun is that it offers an amazing price-quality ratio. There are countless more expensive massage guns on the market that won’t be able to offer you the same amount of quality that this device can, so that’s something to keep in mind! This is a very affordable massager, but with the power of a much more expensive device.

Extremely User-Friendly

Thanks to the Opove Apex massage gun’s durable, lightweight design and straightforward handle, this massage gun is extremely user-friendly. Even more so, this device is very easy to take with you wherever you go and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the slightest.

Evidence-Based Results

The results of the Opove Apex massage gun are very evidence-based. It has been proven that this device is very effective in loosening up sore muscles and general body stiffness, reducing possible high stress levels, increasing blood circulation, and most importantly, speeding up the recovery process.

Not Tiring For Your Wrist at All

The Opove Apex massage gun, as mentioned above, has a handle with the perfect angle, being 45 degrees. Because of this, it’s very pleasant to hold in your hand, since it won’t be tiring for your wrist at all. It’s safe to say that this all adds to a massage experience that you can enjoy!

Very Powerful and Quiet at the Same Time

Lastly, the Opove has a very powerful motor and can help you work out the biggest muscle knots. Yet, the massage gun is simultaneously designed to operate very quietly, which is an added bonus!

What we don’t like

Rather Elementary Controls

Some people might consider the Opove Apex massage gun to have rather elementary controls. There are massage guns on the market that are technologically more advanced and that can offer you more innovative features (they cost more too though). Nevertheless, the fact that this massage gun is very manageable and uncomplicated to use can also be a benefit for some people.

Battery life isn’t the greatest

While the battery life isn’t dramatically bad, in comparison to some other massage guns available, the Opove Apex massage gun’s battery life is not necessarily something to write home about. While it is lower than average, considering that a massage session generally only takes about 15 minutes you should still be able to get about 2 weeks of use between charges (if you’re the only one using the massager).

Only 3 Speed Levels

In comparison to some of its biggest competitors on the market, the Opove Apex massage gun has a rather low number of speed levels (just 3). Although this will suffice for most customers, it would be nice to have at least 5. Nevertheless, it should be noted that even at the lowest speed level, this massage gun is powerful enough to still provide you with the effectiveness that you need to relieve your muscles.

Target Audience of the Opove Apex Massage Gun

While the Opove Apex massage gun can essentially be helpful for everyone who experiences muscle soreness, stiffness, or generally a lot of stress, there’s a more specific target audience. Particularly, this massage gun is predominantly designed for people who tend to work out on a regular basis. For the price, this is a powerful massage gun that can be used by beginners or experienced fitness enthusiasts alike. With this target audience, the Opove Apex can really make the fitness experience more pleasant by ensuring that sore muscles get relieved after a workout almost instantly.

Verdict: It’s Worth the Hype!

All in all, asides from some minor disadvantages, the Opove Apex massage gun is definitely worth the hype. The device is extremely straightforward to use, offers a very effective massaging experience, is remarkably powerful and user-friendly, all the while being exceptionally affordable.

Is it perfect?

No, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across a massage gun that is! The battery life could be slightly longer. A few more speed levels would be nice. That’s just personal preference though.

How does it stand out from the rest?

I love the 45 degree handle and think it’s a great idea. Holding 2.3 lbs of massage gun up high to massage your shoulders and neck, or trying to reach around your back can be tiring on the hands and wrists. It can feel heavy and uncomfortable very quickly. This new ergonomic shape addresses the problem nicely. And of course it looks quite stylish too!

The power specs are really impressive for the price. An amplitude of 14.5mm? 50 lb stall force? That’s all you need for a good DEEP tissue massage, and most massage guns with power like that do cost quite a bit more.

However, if that’s not yet enough, this massage gun also is exceedingly durable. Plus you’ve got Opove’s excellent reputation – remember the Opove M3 Pro? It was a bestseller online for years and had thousands of 5 star reviews!  This however, is a step up. It’s more modern, more powerful, and has everything you could need in a massage gun.

All I can say is give it a try – you won’t be disappointed. It comes in black and silver, and of course there’s a protective carrying case included. Perfect for travelling or just keeping your pieces organized!

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