Mebak Massage Gun Review – See What the Mebak 3 Can Do

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mebak 3 percussion massager reviewAs you’ve landed on this article, chances are you’re trying to decide whether you should purchase the Mebak 3 Massage Gun or not. If you came across it on Amazon, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that it gets A LOT of 5 star reviews and it’s actually one of the most affordable ones on the market. Here we’re going to take a closer look to see if it really is THAT good, and how well it stacks up against more expensive massagers.

So, if you’re ready, let’s dive right into the Mebak 3 Massage Gun Review:Mebak 3 Massage Gun Review with Attachments

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Cheap massage guns are usually loud – but not this one!

Unlike many other percussion massagers at this price point, the Mebak is quiet. Nevertheless, it still gives you a powerful massage. For those of you wondering what that is, a deep tissue massage is a rhythmic pulse of pressure that targets deep tissues. The rhythmic hammering of the massage head against your muscle focuses on the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue, bringing pain relief and promoting recovery. This is commonly used on the neck or back but can be used to treat any area of muscle.

A deep tissue massage helps with:

  • Softening of stiff muscles
  • It improves your mobility and blood circulation
  • It alleviates fatigue
  • And it makes you feel great and relaxed.

The device has a working noise of 40-50 dB, which means this device is very quiet and can be used without disturbing others in your home, at the gym, or at the office. The amount of sound is comparable to a normal talking voice in a quiet home.

What’s Inside The Box?

The Mebak 3 comes packaged in a white box. Inside the box, we have:

  • The Mebak comes in a high-quality case, which is portable and lightweight. This makes it easy to carry around.
  • A detailed manual
  • The Mebak massager
  • 7 head attachments
  • Charger Adapter

Travel case for storage and portability:

The molded hardshell case is made of faux carbon fiber, with a vinyl finish and a flexible feeling, which means it can take a few bumps without being damaged. It has two zippers with rubbery ends, which gives the zippers a nice grip and makes it easy to open in either direction. The case holds each piece in place and is nicely structured.


When you open the case, there is a little pouch for the instruction manual and other accessories. The manual comes locked in a zip bag to keep everything nice and tidy. Also, in the zip bag, there are extra little rubber ends, and this is what goes in between the attachment and the massager. These rubber ends help make the device quieter during use.

This isn’t an ordinary toy, so you want to make sure that you go through every page of the manual to ensure proper use of the device.

The Mebak Massager:

The device has a cool slate gray color with an impeccable aesthetic which helps make the overall design appealing. The handle is long enough to use on your back without needing someone’s help. The handle also has a rubbery grip to it with vertical non-slip lines, giving you a firm grip and better control of the device when in use.

At the back of the device, you will find the power indicator and LCD touch control panel. The LCD shows the battery life, and the pressure you exert on your body using the device.

The LCD touch control enables you to change to any of the 5 available speeds settings. Just beneath the LCD touch control, you have a battery release button. With this, you can take out the battery with just a press of a button, which is great when you need to replace the battery.

On top of the device, you’ll find a protruded and ribbed area that gives room for the torque motor. And then we have the area where you insert the attachments. The charging port and power button can be found underneath the handle.

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The 7 Attachments:

Many similar massagers come with only 4 interchangeable heads so we like that this has 7, giving you a great variety of massage options. Each attachment is designed for a specialized function:

  • The Round Head: It is recommended you use this to massage large muscle groups such as your hamstring, triceps, and biceps.
  • The Cushion Head: It is recommended you use this to massage thin muscles and joints.
  • The Bullet Head: This head is used for local pain points.
  • The Flat Head: This can be used to massage all parts of your body.
  • The Fork Head: This is used to relax muscles
  • The Shovel Head: This can be used to massage the lower back, shoulder, and neck.
  • The Bump: This is for all body parts.

The Bullet head, the Cushion, the shovel, and the Bump are attachments you don’t normally find with other massage guns. It is worth noting that there are rubber rings around the attachment, and some of the attachments have little nubs on them. These rings wear out over time, however, you’re provided with extra rubber rings should the pre-installed ones deteriorate.

The Charging Adapter:

You are provided with a 16.8V charging adapter which is easy to connect to your socket and device. The adapter supports a voltage range of 100V to 220v.

The Mebak 3 Massage Gun Main Features


It weighs 0.9kg (2.1 lb). It has a gross weight of 1.5 kg (3.3lb) and comes with a portable carry case, which means you can take the Mebak 3 everywhere.

Speed and amplitude

This device is designed with 5 adjustable speeds and 7 head attachments. With a speed of up to 3200 percussions per minute, this massage gun can deeply massage and hit every muscle group, massaging 12 mm deep into muscles. This is why the massager can hit different muscle groups, and provide you with a great deep tissue massage and relief.

Long lasting Battery

It has a Built-in and detachable 2600mAh rechargeable long-lasting lithium battery. The battery is strong, and long-lasting, to give you an effective massage. The batter has enough power to power the motor, and sustain operation as long as you need for a massage session. The battery can last about 3 hours with a single charge depending on the speed setting. That’s about the same as other more expensive brands such as the Hypervolt.

LED feedback indicators

The device is equipped with 5 LED massage force feedback indicators on the right side of the control panel. This gives visual feedback in the course of your massage to help you know the speed you’re on. It also indicates the massage force you applied to your body.

Quiet Brushless Motor

The brushless high-torque motor brings high power, 5 different speed levels 650 – 3200 RPM 40 dB-50 dB super quiet in operation. This lets you enjoy your massage time smoothly and comfortably.

Operation is easy:

  1. Insert any attachment or head of your choice depending on the muscle you want to massage. Make sure that you insert the attachment correctly to avoid loosely fitting it in.
  2. Pull the on/off button to the ” ON” position to turn on the device. This can be found at the bottom of the handle of the massage gun.
  3. Tap on the thumbprint symbol on the LCD screen to adjust the speed to your preference. Place the massager on the area you want to treat, and it will get to work.
  4. When done, long-press the thumbprint symbol to turn the device off.
  5. Pull the on/off button to the ” OFF” position, and you’re done!
  6. After turning the device off, slowly remove the attachment, and place the device into the box.


All in all, the Mebak 3 is one of the best percussion massagers out there for the price, however, certain precautions have to be taken when using this device. This is the same with any massage gun device.

  • Do not use it on any specific body part for more than 20 minutes. Otherwise, you risk getting bruised
  • It is advised you do not use this device around your sexual organs.
  • Also, you cannot use the device above your Adam’s apple
  • Do not use the device directly against your bones
  • Do not use this massager for over an hour at a time. Have a 30 minutes rest after every hour of use before using it again.

Pros and Cons of the Mebak 3:


  • Comes with 7 different heads for every muscle type (that’s more attachments than you get with most other massage guns).
  • Great value for money – it’s one of the cheapest on the market right now but has the same features as many more expensive models.
  • Long-lasting battery (it’s up there with the best of them!)
  • 5 different speed settings make it easy to get the right kind of massage for your needs.
  • A quiet, yet powerful massage experience


  • The battery can be easily damaged when care isn’t taken.

Is The Mebak 3 Massager Worth My Money?

I think the Mebak 3 is a very affordable massager which is WELL worth the money – you can’t go wrong at this price. Especially when it’s got many of the same features as models that are twice the price.

I’ve tested many of the cheaper massage guns (to find an affordable one worth recommending), and very few give you the features offered by the Mebak 3. If you don’t believe me though, check out some of the 1000+ positive Mebak 3 reviews – they can’t ALL be wrong!

The overall finish is excellent and it’s a high-quality build so should be durable enough to last a long time. Each of the attachment heads has a rubberized coating instead of a hard rubber end, and this makes each attachment skin-friendly. It’s easy to use, and comfortably quiet.

Who should get one?

This device is great for athletes, bodybuilders, or anyone who is involved in any sport or physical activity which causes soreness in the muscle, fatigue, and pain. It is also great for people who work in the offices and sit for hours. Even if you’re someone who is physically fit, this is great for releasing the tension in your muscles by promoting blood circulation.

If you find yourself dealing with ache pains, or struggling with a lower back problem, or maybe you have tension in your back and neck, then I recommend you buy the Mebak 3. Basically, this is a device that is suitable for anyone, and would make a great gift for yourself or someone you love!

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As always, we recommend you consult with your doctor before making your decision. If you’ve got any questions about this product or our Mebak 3 massage gun review just comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


“The Mebak Massage Gun has been a game-changer for me! As a professional athlete, I push my body to the limit every day and muscle soreness is a constant battle. But since I started using the Mebak Massage Gun, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my recovery time.

What sets the Mebak apart from other massage guns is its high-quality construction and powerful motor. The gun is incredibly sturdy and well-made, and the motor delivers a deep, intense massage that helps to break up knots and tension in my muscles.

I also love how customizable the Mebak is. It comes with several different massage heads, so I can target different muscle groups and adjust the intensity level to my liking. Plus, the long battery life means I can use it for several sessions without needing to recharge.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Mebak Massage Gun to anyone looking for an effective recovery tool. It’s truly exceeded my expectations and helped me to perform at my best.”
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