Lifepro Pulse FX Review – Power AND Affordability?

2022 Update: This massage gun is no longer for sale in 2022. For alternative options from this brand please check out the Lifepro range of massage guns.

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The Lifepro Pulse FX Massage Gun is one of the most popular massage guns on the market in 2020. This is the brand that everyone is talking about right now, and this percussion massager is getting 5 star reviews everywhere you look (check out some of the customer reviews here). We took the time to test it for ourselves to find out what the hype is all about, and I think you’ll find the following Pulse FX review interesting. If you’re in a hurry or just came here looking for a Pulse FX discount code we’ve got one:

lifepro pulse fx

The Lifepro Pulse FX Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun is quite a mouthful, so let’s just refer to it as the Pulse FX from now on! From the up-and-coming company Lifeprofitness, it’s actually one of a range of amazing massage guns they currently have on offer for muscle treatment, recovery, and pain relief. They’ve got everything from a budget option (the Lifepro Sonic percussion massager), to a mini version, to a heated massage gun, to the Pulse FX – their most powerful massager.

Important features to consider when buying

You won’t want to splash out on a massage gun without considering features like price, battery life, power, attachments included, etc. The following are (what we think) are the most important aspects of a percussion massager purchase:

Design and build

The Pulse FX has a curved easy-grip handle with an ergonomic design making it easier to reach certain areas like the upper back or any part of the body that needs treatment. The handle is also adjustable with 3 different angles which is something that I think is important to target specific areas properly.

It comes in 4 different color choices – black, blue & black, gray & black, and red & black. The color blue was their first and is still probably the most popular choice. Personally, I prefer the all-black model. They all look good though.

Lifepro colors available

The product weight is just 2.2lbs which is light enough to be easy to use, while still being sturdy and durable.

Noise level

A percussion gun can be pretty noisy. In fact, the first massagers that came on the market were really loud, to the point of being annoying to use. Luckily technology has evolved as time has moved on, and now most massage guns come with a brushless motor and run at a comfortable sound level.

The Pulse FX motor runs at about 60 dB which is comparable to normal conversation. You could use it in the same room as someone else (without driving them crazy) or while watching TV. It’s not the quietest on the market, but it IS moderate to quiet. That’s about the same noise level as any percussion massager of the same power. Less powerful models may be slightly quieter, but personally, I think power is more important!


When it comes to strength and intensity, this percussion massager is up there with the best. Many people compare it to the Theragun, which has a powerfully high stall force, speed, and amplitude. The Lifepro Pulse FX actually has a HIGHER stall force of 66 lbs (vs Theragun’s 60 lbs), a higher speed (3200 RPM), and the same 16 mm amplitude. That doesn’t mean it’s just for athletes though! We all need a little muscle treatment at one time or another, even those who are sedentary.

There are 3 different speeds up to 3200 RPM. I found the mid-speed was more than sufficient, but if you have denser muscle (or more serious muscle issues) you might find the high-intensity massage from the top speed helpful. With the high 16 mm amplitude it really hits deep into the muscles, which is great for speeding up recovery after hard workouts or releasing muscle knots.


Battery life is an important feature of any electrical item, but the good news is that this isn’t like your phone or laptop (that you probably have to charge every day). The battery life of the Pulsefx is advertised as 3-7 hours. That would be probably 3 hours at the highest setting, or 7 hours at the lowest setting. Most users will likely use the low or mid setting most of the time, so you’ll probably get about 5 hours per charge. You only need to use the device for about 10 minutes per session, so you’ll get a lot of use before you actually have to charge it again. You might only have to charge it once a month!


One thing that stands out about this massage gun above all the rest is that it comes with an unbeatable lifetime warranty. To avail of this, you MUST make sure to buy from an authorized retailer or the official Lifepro website. That’s some serious confidence the company has in their product though! The average warranty for a massage gun is only 1-2 years. In fact, anything above a year is usually considered good.

What’s included

Along with your Lifepro massage gun, user manual, and charger, there is also a carrying case included which fits the massager and massage heads.

There are 4 massage head attachments and each has its own function:

  • Round – has a more gentle impact on the muscles and is great for using pre or post-workout to warm up or reduce soreness
  • Spinal – good for treating the back and around the spinal area
  • Flat – suitable for most parts of the body, gives a good deep tissue massage
  • Bullet – great for releasing muscle knots and treating specific areas.

Lastly, this product comes with a free charging stand (none of the other top brands we’ve reviewed offer this included).

Lifepro Massager Carrying Case

PulseFX Pros and Cons


  • As powerful as professional-grade massagers like the Theragun
  • An unbeatable lifetime warranty
  • Very impressive battery life of up to 7 hours (depending on the level you use)
  • Excellent lifetime customer support
  • Free carrying case + charging stand included with your purchase


  • Not for those looking for a relaxing massage – this model is for those looking for a high-intensity deep tissue massage for recovery and pain relief. If you’d prefer a less powerful massage gun we recommend the Ekrin B37 – another of our top picks.
  • They currently only ship to the United States

So is the Pulse FX worth the investment?

Would we buy the Lifepro Pulse FX again? The answer is a resounding yes. While there are many great massage guns on the market, this certainly offers everything you could possibly want in a massager.

Power, versatility, and durability, a price that rivals all its top competitors, and lifetime support and warranty. Check! The included free carrying case and charging stand are an added bonus (other brands make you pay for these!). You can’t get much better than that.

This really is an excellent investment and will benefit you for years to come. It would also make an excellent gift for a friend or family member. Whether you’re an athlete, a professional (physio or chiropractor, etc), a fitness enthusiast, someone who experiences back pain, or just someone who likes a good massage, this is a great choice for anyone.

Where to buy

There are only two places we recommend purchasing from – Amazon (Lifepro Outlet is the only authorized reseller), and the official Lifeprofitness website. If you buy from the official website you can get 10% off with our exclusive coupon code EXTRA30, FREE shipping and a lifetime warranty.

lifepro pulse fx

We’ve done the research and there isn’t a massage gun out there that is this powerful but at such an affordable price. That makes the Pulsefx, in our opinion, the best value massager in 2020.


What is a percussion massage gun?

This is a percussive therapy device, often in the shape of a gun, that can be used to administer percussive or vibration therapy to the muscles. As the massage head rotates or oscillates at speed, it delivers rapid bursts of pressure deep into the body’s muscle tissue. This deep tissue massage therapy can bring great pain relief and recovery to muscles, particularly after exercise. These massagers are popular with athletes and everyday users alike, as anyone can use one and get the benefits of a professional feeling massage within minutes. Most come with a range of different attachments to treat different areas of the body.

What is the best massage gun on the market?

We can’t tell you there’s just ONE “best” massager because different users will want different features. The best for your muscles might not be the best for someone else. If you want a powerful massager (like the Theragun Pro) but without the crazy high price tag, then the Lifepro Pulse FX Massage Gun IS the best we’ve found.

Why do we recommend this over Kraftgun?

We’ve reviewed the Kraftgun and although the product itself is good, the company has had major problems with stock shortages and customer service. The current shipping time is 7-9 weeks and it has been for months now – definitely NOT ideal. Recommending the Lifepro Pulse FX was a no-brainer for us because a) it’s the better product, and b) they ship immediately.

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