Best Theragun Alternative (Our Top 6 Cheaper Picks For 2022)

Best Theragun Alternative

Without a doubt, the Theragun PRO is one of the best massager devices on the massage gun market. At almost $600, it’s also among the most expensive. However, this is not a price that everyone is willing to pay, and with massage guns starting at just $50 there are theragun alternatives available to suit all budgets. Many of these theragun competitors offer a similar quality, at more affordable prices. For this article, we’ve researched some of the top-rated massage guns available, looking for features and specs that can rival the Theragun (but at a more realistic price). Keep on reading to learn which is our top pick for the best Theragun alternative in 2022.

Before we take a look at those though we must mention that there are three other Theragun devices in Therabody’s range of massage guns. The PRO is the most powerful, and then there’s the Theragun Elite, Theragun Competitor

 Theragun Prime and Theragun Mini. Each one is a slightly watered-down version of the one before it, but all have the impressive specs that you’d expect from the brand. However, we’re not here to discuss Theragun percussion massagers – we’re here to look for more affordable (or better!) alternatives. And that’s what we’ve got:

Best Theragun Alternative – Our Top Picks

If you’re looking for a Theragun alternative, here are the reviews of the best affordable alternatives to the $599 Theragun PRO, featuring their specifications as well as their upsides and downsides.

#1 Achedaway Pro – Almost The Same As Theragun (Just a Different Shape!)

achedaway pro massage gun - best theragun alternative

The Achedaway Pro by far has the closest specs to the Theragun Pro of any massage gun we’ve come across. If deep massage is what you’re looking for, this percussion massage gun will definitely deliver.

Anyone who has tested both almost exclusively opt for the Achedaway OVER the Theragun because it’s actually slightly MORE powerful, and costs about half the price.

Features and specs

Five Speed settings: 1700-2800

Amplitude: 16mm

Stall Force: Advertised as 80 lbs (that’s 20 lbs higher than the Theragun)

Four massage heads: Bullet head, flat head, forkhead and soft head (for any areas you would use a thumb on)

Carrying case: Included

Product weight: 2.6lbs

Bluetooth: No


Basically, the Achedaway PRO is just as powerful as the Theragun Pro and is one of the few percussion massagers on the market that can really go head to head with it. This is a massage gun that is suitable for professionals like physical therapists, sports people, and athletes, right down to the ordinary everyday user. If you want one of THE most powerful Theragun competitors – this is the one. And it costs less than half the price so is an excellent investment.

The only thing that the Achedaway Pro doesn’t have is Bluetooth. Bluetooth and app connectivity, while nice to have, are a bit gimmicky though and not necessary. All you really need is the ability to give a decent deep tissue massage. If Bluetooth is something you really want though for guided wellness routines, tracking your massage sessions, etc. look at our 3rd option – the Hypervolt 2 Pro.

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#2 Hypervolt 2 Pro – Best Theragun alternative with Bluetooth

hypervolt 2 pro
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Hyperice’s Hypervolt has long been a favorite among fitness enthusiasts, and for good reason. It’s a very high-quality, well-made massage gun and it really delivers. Right now Hyperice has 3 different models available – the Hypervolt 2 Pro, the Hypervolt 2, and the mini Hypervolt Go.

The Hypervolt 2 Pro is the closest in specs to the Theragun Pro, and while it’s not as expensive as the Theragun, it does cost about $100 more than the rest of our top picks. That’s probably because it’s the ONLY Theragun competitor that also comes with Bluetooth. Here’s what you get with this massage gun:

Features and specs

Customizable speed range: Up to 2700 PPM (percussions per minute)

Battery life: 3 hours

Amplitude: 14 mm

Stall Force: 60 lbs

Attachment heads: 5 (flat, bull, fork, cushion, bullet)

Carrying case: No carrying case but they do include a head attachment pouch

Product weight: 2.6 lbs

Bluetooth: Yes


The newest and most powerful in the Hyperice range, the Hypervolt 2 Pro is a very popular choice as a theragun alternative but costs about $200 less.

It’s the only one of Theragun’s competitors with Bluetooth connectivity and an app, so if you’d like the ability to track your massage sessions, get guided routines, etc. this might be the one for you.

Power-wise, it’s almost as powerful as the Theragun, albeit with a slightly lower stroke length. For its size, it runs surprisingly quiet. All in all, this is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful massager with the added bonus of Bluetooth.

#3 Ekrin B37S

Ekrin Theragun Alternative
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At a similar price to the Achedaway, we have the Ekrin B37S. This is an affordable and versatile percussion massager which comes with 6 interchangeable massage heads so you can easily change the type of massage you get.

Like the Acheaway Pro, it has five-speed settings to give targeted pressure to your muscle tissue and with superior sound, insulation is surprisingly quiet for such a powerful device.

Features and specs

Speed Setting: 5 – 2000-3200 RPM

Battery life: 8 hours

Amplitude: 12mm

Stall Force: Up to 52lbs

6 Interchangeable heads: Ball head (foam), flat, bullet, cone, round (silicone), and fork

Carrying case: Included

Product weight: 2.2 lbs

Bluetooth: No


As you can see, it has everything you could want in a massage gun and more. Its speed settings and amplitude rival many top brands, although the amplitude (stroke length is a little shorter than the Theragun’s).

For the majority of users though 12 mm is more than sufficient. 16 mm (which we find in the Achedaway Pro) is for those who want a very deep and intense professional massage.

Few massage devices can offer such a high stall force (up to 52 lbs) which is what really makes the B37s stand out in the market. Anything over 50 lbs is a strong Theragun competitor! Plus with a whopping 8 hours of battery life, you won’t need to charge this very often.

The Ekrin B37s is the full package if you’re looking for a Theragun alternative so make sure to check out the customer reviews.

#4 Urikar AT1 – MORE Powerful Than The Theragun?

Urikar Theragun Competitor
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The Urikar, while not new to the market, is less well known than the other brands we’ve mentioned. It only came to our attention as we researched this article because, in fact, it has ALL the right specs to rival the Theragun Pro. Some are even better!

Features and specs

Speed settings: Up to 3800 RPM

Battery Life: 10 Hours

Amplitude: 16 mm

Stall Force: 65 lbs

Massage heads: 6

Carrying case: Included

Product weight: 2.4 lbs

Bluetooth: No


Most massage guns pride themselves on being lightweight and easy to handle. This is a bit bigger than average but in terms of design, is probably the most similar to the Theragun. Rather than a triangular shape though, this is a D shape but is also a multi-grip design. That means that you can hold it in a number of different positions to reach different parts of the body.

It has a faster speed than the Theragun, a similar stroke length, and a higher stall force.  Does that mean it’s more powerful? Yes, but not by a huge amount. This is professional athlete/sportsperson type power but it’s suitable for anyone because with 8-speed levels you can dial down the power to whichever level suits you.

This massage gun also has the longest battery life of any other listed here (10 hours) – the Theragun Pro only has a run time of 2.5 hours.

One thing it’s missing is Bluetooth, but then, who really needs that? What it does offer is Smart Power Adjustment (it can power up automatically when you move it close to your body and powers down when you move it away) This prolongs the battery life even more.

It also offers AI-powered massage which is something I haven’t come across before (this guides you through your massage so that you use the ideal speed, depth, and force to get the best results).

Lastly, you have to check out the price – it’s less than HALF that of the Theragun. Click on the button to find out more:

#5 Opove Apex – New Modern Design Under $200

Opove Apex Theragun Alternative
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The Opove Apex only came to the market in late 2021 so it’s still very new, however, it already has thousands of customer reviews and it’s looking like a very good pick! It’s definitely a great candidate for best Theragun alternative. Opove came to prominence in the last few years with its M3 Pro which was extremely popular and sold like hotcakes (and still does)! The Apex is a more up-to-date version with a brand new modern design and even better specs.

Features and specs

Speed settings: Up to 2700 RPM

Battery life: 3.5 hours

Amplitude: 14.5 mm

Stall Force: 50 lbs

Massage heads: 6

Carrying case: Included

Product weight: 2.3 lbs

Bluetooth: No

The new modern ergonomic design (with a 45-degree holding angle) makes it even easier to reach hard-to-reach parts of the body. It looks good too and is a nice upgrade on their previous model (which had thousands of positive reviews).

This massage gun is very affordable, coming in at under $200. It’s got quite impressive specs for the price too with a good stall force and stroke length (not quite as high as some of the others, but still high).

Anyone looking for the power of a Theragun but not wanting to pay extortionate prices should take a look at the Opove Apex.

It’s currently available for just $165 (18% off) on the official website Opove Apex

Also available on Amazon – click on the button:

#6 Lifepro Sonic – Cheapest Theragun Alternative

Lifepro Sonic Theragun Competitor

The Lifepro Sonic has been a top seller for nearly 3 years now and while its not as popular as it once was, it is still VERY good value for the price. This is the budget option out of the list, and comes in at only $129.99. You can’t quite expect the exact same specs as the Theragun Pro for this price, but you’ll find that this is still pretty powerful. In fact, the only thing that’s slightly lacking in this massage gun is the amplitude (stroke length) which is only 12 mm.

Features and specs

Speed settings: Up to 3000 RPM

Battery life: 6 hours

Amplitude: 12 mm

Stall Force: Up to 70 lbs

Massage heads: 5

Carrying case: Included

Product weight: 2.5 lbs

Bluetooth: No


For the specs, this is actually a crazy low price. It’s no wonder that this massage gun has thousands of positive reviews! It’s been on the market for a few years now (and has been a top seller) so it’s not the newest available, but massage gun technology really hasn’t changed much in the last few years.

It doesn’t have any fancy features like Bluetooth or Quietforce technology, but do you really need these? If you can get a good powerful massage, for a very affordable price, that’s the most important thing.

As already mentioned, it has a lower stroke length than its competitors above. However, it has a very high stall force which more than makes up for that. Rather than punching deep itself you can just press a little harder yourself and get the same results.

One more thing to consider with this massage gun is that it is a little louder than the others. It’s nowhere near as loud as earlier models, but it doesn’t have built-in technology to quieten the motor like some of the other more expensive massagers. At this low price, you can’t have everything!

Other guns that are notable include the Timtam power massager and Vybe V2 massage gun. These have impressive specs but are older models and not quite as good as those we mentioned above.

Why should you buy a Theragun alternative?

Theragun is best known for its high-quality massage guns. However, priced at up to $600 they are pretty expensive. Many might even say they’re overpriced.

There are plenty Theragun competitors on the market that offer more than enough power to rival Theragun, but at half the price.

If the brand name isn’t important to you and you just want a great massage gun to treat muscle soreness then choose one of our Theragun alternatives and save yourself some money!

Using a Theragun Competitor

What We Took Into Consideration When Choosing Alternatives To The Theragun

There are a number of reasons why Theragun is as popular as it is. Of course, a solid marketing strategy including partnerships with professional sports teams, famous athletes, and celebrity ambassadors has helped.

These are possible because it’s a product that is high quality, has some of the best features and specifications of any massage gun, and it stands the test of time.

Its power is its main USP though – the Theragun has a higher amplitude, stall force, and speed than many of its competitors. That’s why when choosing Theragun alternatives, we looked for massage guns with similar specifications. Let’s take a closer look:

Stall Force

This best describes the force that can be applied before the device’s motor stalls or tops. The higher the stall force, the more pressure you can apply with the massage gun to push deeper into the muscle area you’re working on. Theragun has a high stall force of 60 lbs, which is only matched by a few massage guns on the market. We looked for massage guns with a stall force of 50+lbs.


The amplitude of a massager is the stroke length, or how far up and down the head moves (pushes into the muscle). The Theragun Pro’s amplitude is 16mm, the highest of any massage gun on the market. We looked for the best Theragun alternatives with similar amplitude – at least 12mm up to 16mm. Anything above 14mm is considered to be a high amplitude and gives a powerful deep tissue massage.


Speed is how quickly the head moves up and down to give you a comprehensive massage and is usually measured in PPM (percussions per minute). Theragun has 5 built-in speed settings ranging between 1750 and 2400 PPM. We looked for alternatives with an equal or higher speed range.

Other important features

Other factors we took into consideration are battery life, rechargeable battery options, noise level, ease of use (ergonomic handle with rotating arm, etc.), extras included such as massage heads and carrying case, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Conclusion – Save Yourself $$$’s And Get A Theragun Alternative

If you’re looking for the best alternative to the Theragun, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to give sore muscles a relaxing massage, increase blood flow and mobility, engage in some trigger point therapy, or give a muscle group some deep tissue massage, we’ve included something for everyone.

Achedaway Pro Massage Gun Theragun Competitor
The Achedaway PRO – best Theragun competitor

We compared the best massage guns for percussive therapy and chose the Achedaway PRO out of all the devices as our top pick. It offers most of the same benefits as the Theragun at a fraction of the price.

It might not look the same, but it has the same 16mm amplitude and an even higher no-stall force of 80lbs (to Theragun PRO’s 60lbs). Plus, without the ridiculously high price tag it’s well worth checking out some of the customer reviews to say what people are saying:

Click here to check out the Achedaway PRO and get $25 off (use coupon code SAVE25)

If that’s not the one for you there are plenty of other choices above (at different price points) that all rival Theragun with very impressive specs.

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