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Butyce Review

In this Butyce Massage Gun review, we’re going to take a look at one of the lower-priced models on the market, and I’m going to share my thoughts on why I think it’s a good buy. This compact little massager packs a powerful punch and is perfect for use on sore muscles, knots, and tension areas. It’s also great for office workers who spend hours at their desks.

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There are a lot of massage guns on the market these days, so it can be tough to know which one to choose. I’ve been using massage guns for a number of years now, and I’m delighted to see that they’re growing in popularity (everyone I know uses a massage gun these days!). They really do work. Since these percussion massagers first came on the market, the prices have dropped significantly too. A massage gun you might have paid $300 for a few years ago can be purchased for as little as $100 now. If you’re looking for a top-quality massage gun, the Butyce Y8 Pro Max by Dacorm is definitely worth checking out. Let’s take a look at why:

Butyce Massage Gun Features and Specifications


The top speed for this massage gun is 3200 rpm (the same as most other massage guns on the market). It has an amplitude (stroke depth) of 14mm which is better than most in this price range. That means it gives a good deep massage. Many of the cheaper models only have an amplitude of only 10-12mm so this is pretty impressive for the price.

Powerful, long-lasting battery

Dacorm Massager

The Butyce Massage Gun contains a 4800mAh Lithium battery which means, in simpler terms, that its charge will last a lot longer than that of a massage gun with an inferior battery. This allows you to enjoy a minimum of 15 hours of use (up to 24 hours) on a single charge. Even the best massage guns normally only have a usage time of about 6-7

hours. This is actually still quite good seeing as you’ll usually only use it for about  15 minutes at a time. 15-24 hours though and you’ll only have to charge once or twice a month!

Speed levels

It has seven different speed levels, so you can adjust its power depending on the pressure you need.

Noise level

You don’t need to worry about the higher speeds irritating your ears because the gun is fitted with a quiet rotating motor that shouldn’t interrupt your relaxation. With a noise level of 20 dB (at the lowest level) up to about 55 dB (at the highest), this is one of the quieter models available.

LCD touchscreen

The LCD touchscreen makes it much easier to navigate the seven different speeds and swap between them. You can easily see which level you’re on and you can also see how much battery life is left.

Massage heads

There are eight different massage heads that can be swapped out when you want to target different muscles during your massage. The massage heads do not just rumble senselessly against your skin either. They are designed to output massage in a series of concentrated pulses so as to massage as deep as 14mm. You have total control over how deeply this gun massages (the harder you press the deeper the massage), as well as over the muscles that it works on.

The Dacorm Massage Gun Pros

So, what are the pros of choosing the Dacorm Butyce Massage Gun as your next home massaging tool?

  • A variety of massage heads are included, designed respectively for the back, the neck, the thigh, the joints, the palm, soft tissue, bones, and muscle tissue.
  • A charging time of just 30 minutes.
  • A guaranteed usage time of 15-24 hours when fully charged. This is one of the longest usage times I’ve seen for any massage gun.
  • The 24V high-torque motor only produces 25-55 decibels of noise (depending on the speed setting that you use). That’s pretty quiet – similar to the sound level of an electric toothbrush.
  • The massage gun only weighs 2.1lbs and comes with a carrying bag, so it is conveniently portable.
  • An Intelligent AI chip located inside the gun makes the device even more intelligent and speeds up its reactions to your massage needs.
  • An included booklet offers all the information on the different massage heads and speeds to better guide your massage session.

The Dacorm Massage Gun Cons

Luckily there are only a few minor cons, none of which are a deal breaker:

  • Automatically turns off after 10 minutes of usage, which could interrupt your massage therapy. This is a safety feature included on some massage guns (but not all). It’s designed to prevent overheating, which could damage the motor. Personally, I’d prefer if it allowed for at least 15 minutes of usage at a time.
  • The eight separate massage heads are unnecessary if you only need a massage gun to work on one area of your body/one tissue type. It’s nice to have plenty of options though.

Who Is This Massage Gun Suitable For?

This massage gun is innovative enough that it is suitable for a wide range of demographics, covering all age groups and walks of life.

It is an excellent tool to use if you are in recovery training and need something to soothe your muscles of any post-training aches. Caring for your muscles via massage will also stimulate blood flow and relax your body after training.

The Butyce Massage Gun is also ideal for athletes or just those who enjoy working out. It will deeply massage sore or tense muscles and get you back into the swing of exercising again much sooner.

This massage gun is also promoted as suitable for older people who are suffering from the everyday aches and pains brought on by age. If these aches are only mild, you can set the Butyce Dacorm Massage gun to its lowest speed setting and allow yourself to relax as it works without the worry of the pulses being too extreme.

Similar pains or stiffness can be brought on if you work a sedentary job, such as an office job. This massage gun can help you to wind down and relieve your body of the common strains on your back and neck which are brought on by extended sitting. Students and people who struggle to stand for very long can also find relief with the Butyce Massage Gun.

What are customers saying about the Butyce Massage Gun?

When buying a product online it’s a good idea to check out customer reviews before you purchase. On Amazon, you’ll find 1000+ Butyce massage gun reviews, and the vast majority of them are positive. It actually has more 5-star reviews than most other percussion massagers in its price range. Massagers under $100 can be a bit “hit or miss” when it comes to quality and longevity. They also tend to lack power for really deep massages. The Dacorm Massage Gun, however, has all of those things and more.

Customer Reviews

I won’t borrow any of the customer reviews as you can check them out on Amazon for yourself. However, here are some of my observations from reading them:

“This is a very popular product to give as a gift as it’s “packaged beautifully” and it looks (works) like a much more expensive product.”

“It’s great for treating aches and pains, stiffness, chronic back and neck pain, foot pain, alleviating stress, and more. With the 8 massage heads, you can treat almost any part of the body.”

“The device and attachments are sturdy and well-made.”

“The battery life is phenomenal and it stays charged for a long time.”

“The massage gun does feel a bit heavy in hand, but it’s a similar weight to most other massage guns on the market. Some say that the weight is actually helpful as it means you don’t have to press as hard when massaging. You can just rest the massager on the muscle and let it do its work.”

“It’s quieter than a hairdryer and can be used while watching TV and you can easily carry on a conversation while using it.”

“The semi-hard zip-up storage case (which is like a mini suitcase) is easy to fit in your luggage when traveling.”

To read customer reviews check out the Butyce on Amazon

How does it compare to the Hypervolt 2?

Hyperice’s Hypervolt is one of the most popular massage guns on the market today. How does Dacorm’s Butyce Y8 Pro Max compare to it?Hypervolt 2

First of all, the Hypervolt is A LOT more expensive (more than 2x the price). You’re paying for the highest quality and the added bonus of Bluetooth connectivity, but you’re also paying for the well-known, trusted brand name.

Butyce is definitely NOT as well known, but it’s much cheaper. It also doesn’t come with Bluetooth. It does however have a much longer usage time between charges, it’s quieter, it comes with a carrying case (Hypervolt charges extra for this), more massage heads, and more speed levels. Power-wise, they’re both about the same.

Both are great massage guns in their own right, but as long as you’re not bothered about the lack of Bluetooth, the Butyce is all-around better value for money. Overall it has more to offer, and if you were to test the two side by side, you really wouldn’t notice any difference in the power.

Summing Up

Ultimately, you know your body’s needs better than anybody, so hopefully from reading this Butyce Massage Gun review you’ll be able to decide if this is the device you need. It’s certainly very impressive for the price and is one of the most powerful we’ve found around the $100 mark. It’s actually as powerful as some massagers that are twice the price.

This massager combines the relief of deep massage, with a versatile, innovative device that retains its charge for up to 24

Butyce Massage Gun

hours, and can be used anywhere. This device has the longest battery life I’ve ever seen on ANY massage gun. Battery life alone isn’t THE most important thing, but it’s certainly useful to not have to charge it on a regular basis!

It has a strong and sturdy build, with a good assortment of massage heads to treat different parts of the body. With 7-speed levels you’ll always find the right speed to suit your needs – you might never need to dial it up to the top speed (which can be pretty intense).

The price though is one of my favorite aspects of this massage gun. It has all the features of a more expensive massager (including the power) but at a much more affordable price. No wonder it’s currently one of the bestselling massage guns in its price range online!


Where to buy the Butyce Massage gun

The best place to purchase this massage gun is on Amazon. You can find it at the following link :

Check Butyce Massage Gun Price on Amazon

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