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Achedaway Pro Review Image
Achedaway Pro Review Image

I’m a big fan of massage guns, and am always on the lookout for new products to help my muscles recover after a tough workout. I’m also pretty sedentary during my workday and have the occasional problem with sciatica, so a good massager is essential to me for keeping pain and stiffness at bay.

So when I heard about Achedaway Pro, a massage gun that apparently rivals the (almost) $600 Theragun Pro for power, I was intrigued. Could it really be as powerful and well-built as a Theragun, while costing less than half the price? I decided to try it out and see if it lived up to the hype. Here’s my Achedaway Pro review.

Achedaway Pro Parts Image
Achedaway Pro Parts Image

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What Is The Achedaway Pro Massage Gun?

The Achedaway Pro is a handheld massage gun that looks and feels very solid. It has an aluminum alloy-protected body and a comfortable grip, and it’s easy to use. You just hold it against your skin and press the “on” button to start the massage.

This cutting-edge massage device improves the body’s overall performance using percussive vibrations. It uses deep-kneading technology that features adjustable pressure and speed settings that allow you to customize your massage experience. With it, you can give yourself professional-quality massages from the comfort of your home.

Let’s take a look at what it’s got:

Achedaway Pro Features And Specs

16 mm amplitude (stroke depth)

With a 16-millimeter amplitude, this massage gun goes 60% deeper than most other massage guns. This is very impressive because 16 mm is the highest amplitude of ANY massage gun on the market today. There are very few massagers that offer this, and most are pretty expensive. An amplitude like this is for those who want a proper professional-feeling deep tissue massage.

Quiet glide technology

The Achedaway Pro is one of the quietest massage guns on the market. With a 26V brushless high-torque motor and Quiet Glide technology, the operating noise is only 40 dB to 60 dB. This is the standard sound range that massage guns aspire to in 2022. It’s not necessarily “whisper quiet” but it sounds something similar to an electric toothbrush, which is pretty quiet.

Battery life

The massager has a 3200 mAh Lithium battery that can provide up to four hours of use on a single charge. You’ll have to charge it every week or at least every 10 days if you use it regularly.

The battery is removable. That’s handy for when you want to carry the massager in hand luggage (just put the battery in your checked baggage). It’s also good if you wanted to avoid downtime while your battery is charging – just have a spare one available and you can swap between the two. That doubles your available battery life.

In addition, the Achedaway battery has smart technology that automatically turns off after 20 minutes of non-use. This is good to conserve battery power.

What it comes with

The massage gun comes with one battery, four massage heads, one AC charger (110-240V 50/60Hz – DC26V-1A), and a nicely designed carrying case.

The massage heads

There are four attachment heads available with the Achedaway Pro massage gun (half-ball, flat, fork, bullet) that you can use on different parts of your body.

The ball head (soft head)

This is used to get a general massage. When you just want a quick pre-workout massage or to stimulate blood flow, you can use it. It’s more like a half-ball than a full-ball and it’s squishy. It’s for massaging areas you would normally use your thumb on. With this attachment, you won’t accidentally hit a bone as it’s designed to be soft and subtle on the skin.

The fork head

This one is used when massaging the spine or neck area. It’s sometimes used on calves and around the Achilles tendon. As an alternative to the single bullet head, you may also use it for trigger point massage on larger muscles, such as quadriceps. This attachment is hard plastic.

The flat head

This attachment is perfect for those who enjoy intensive massages. With the flat head, you can target a variety of parts of your body, but you’re more likely to use it on large muscles. It can be used on your pecs, calves, quads, and glutes. The finish is smooth and slightly curved. They also added some shine to make it look classy. In addition, the surface area is larger than most flat attachments.

The bullet head

You can use this attachment to focus on a specific muscle. For example, it can work on forearms and ligaments. It’s perfect for the treatment of trigger points, foot massages, and plantar fasciitis.

Achedaway Pro vs Theragun Pro – How do they compare?

The Theragun Pro is often considered the “gold standard” of massage guns – the massager of choice for professionals, celebrities and anyone who can afford it. It was not cheap! See it here on Amazon.

But how does the Achedaway Pro massage gun compare? Here’s a quick summary:

What’s different?

Handheld Massager Image
Handheld Massager Image

The design – Achedaway has a standard gun grip design whereas the Theragun has a triangular multi-grip design. I wouldn’t necessarily say either option is “better” – it comes down to personal preference.

Stall force – Theragun’s stall force is extremely high at 60 lbs but Achedaway’s is even higher at 80 lbs! That’s the amount of force you can apply when pressing the massager into your muscles.

Price – Achedaway Pro is by far the cheaper of the two. Check the price on Amazon here.

Battery Life – The Achedaway Pro offers 4 hours whereas the Theragun has 2.5 hours per battery (5 hours with the 2nd included battery).

BluetoothTheragun has Bluetooth – Achedaway does not.

What’s the same?

Amplitude – both have the highest amplitude for a massage gun – 16 mm. That’s how deep the massage gun head “punches” into the muscle. The average amplitude is only 10-12 mm.

Removable batteries – both have removable batteries that can be swapped to prolong the battery life. Achedaway does NOT include a 2nd battery (you have to pay extra), but Theragun does.

Warranty – both have a 2-year warranty

And the winner is:

I love them both. They might look different, but they’re very similar in the quality of massage they provide.

It’s hard to argue with the price though, and for me, the lack of Bluetooth isn’t a deal breaker (personally I think it’s just a gimmick) so I’d opt for the Achedaway Pro.

What makes the Achedaway Pro stand out from the rest

It’s powerful

Achedaway Pro’s power is what makes this massager stand out the most. It’s more powerful than the majority of massage guns on the market today. It has the highest stall force of any massager I’ve seen (80 lbs is crazy high!) and an amplitude that is matched only by a few high-end brands like the Theragun.


Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than the average massage gun. However, it’s far cheaper than other massage guns with the same specs. So all in all, if you’re looking for the most powerful massage gun, but at a reasonable price – this is it.

Swappable batteries

This is a feature you don’t see very often on massage guns (except for the high-end ones). If you buy an Achedaway Pro with a spare battery, it will cost more of course, but it will double your available battery life (to 8 hours). Once one runs out and you put it on to charge, you can insert the spare battery and keep using your device.

What could be improved

There aren’t really any major “cons” to this product. It’s really well made with great features and specifications and there isn’t much that could be improved on. The only thing I can think of to mention here is that it’s a bit heavier than the cheaper models. It’s common for the more powerful massage guns to be on the heavier side, and at 2.6 lbs it’s about half a pound heavier than the average.

That might not seem like much, but someone who isn’t used to exercise (or suffering from a hand/arm injury) could find it a bit heavy on the wrists and arms when massaging the neck and shoulders. The important thing to remember though is that you won’t be using it for more than a few minutes on any area of the body. Or you could ask a partner or friend to help out.

Who is the Achedaway massage gun suitable for?

The Achedaway Pro massage gun is quite versatile, but it’s probably best suited to people looking for serious power. This isn’t your average $100 massager! Cheaper massage guns have their benefits too, but if you’re an athlete, sportsperson, or bodybuilder, then this is the device for you. Real professional deep tissue massage is what this device offers.

Ultimately, anyone can use it. It’s designed for those who wish to enjoy their physical therapy from the comfort of their own home. It can be used to treat all parts of the body, including back pain, shoulder pain, foot and leg soreness, and carpal tunnel syndrome. With 4 massage head attachments and 5 different speed levels available, you can tailor your massage to your requirements.

My verdict – Probably the most powerful massage gun available today

My workout routine is intense, and I’m often sore afterward. A massage gun is my recovery tool of choice and I’ve tried and tested a variety of different massage guns over the last few years.

Amazon Handheld Massager Image
Check Price on Amazon

I decided to try the Achedaway Pro Massage Gun based on the fact that its power specs seem to be the same as the Theragun Pro (which I do believe at nearly $600 is overpriced). I was curious to see if a massage gun that cost less than half, was actually just as good.

All I can say is WOW. Following a few days of trying out the different attachments, I’m impressed. It doesn’t have the same multi-grip capability as the Theragun, but it’s just as powerful for a really deep massage. Actually considering the stall force is 20 lbs HIGHER, I’d say it’s actually MORE powerful than the Theragun.  This device is so loved by my family that we fight over who gets to use it. The fact that this is a great product at a great price has led me to order another one for myself, and I’ll let my family battle over the other one!

Overall the Achedaway Pro is a great option for anyone looking to save on time and money. It’s easy to use and affordable, while still giving you all the benefits of a professional massage. The Achedaway pro massage gun is worth checking out if you’re in the market for an affordable and efficient alternative to a massage therapist.

Got questions about our Achedaway Pro review? Just ask in the comments section below!

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