Taotronics Massage Gun Review

Taotronics Massage Gun

Massage guns come in many shapes, sizes, and features. This Taotronics Massage Gun Review will help you choose which model is right for you. The Taotronics massage gun comes with impressive features for massage guns in the same price range. However, like every other massage gun out there today, this device has both pros and cons you would only know about as a user. I’ve bought and used several massage guns, including the Taotronics massage gun. You may find this is the best massage gun for $50 or less. Here’s what you must know before buying!

Who is behind the Taotronics massage gun?

TaotronicsTo gauge the effectiveness of anything, including massage guns, it’s important to look at the manufacturer. The Taotronics massage gun is by TaoTronics, a flagship brand that falls under the electronics enterprise Sunvalley Group. A quick search shows that Sunvalley Group is a legitimate company established in 2007. According to the official website, Sunvalley Group has served 30 million+ customers and has a presence in 56 countries currently. Taotronics is one of Sunvalley’s six major consumer brands.

Important features/specifications

Having established that the Taotronic massage gun is made by a reputable company, we can proceed and explore the massager’s main features and specs.

  • SPEED AND MOTOR FEATURES: Select between 10-speed levels. This massager is equipped with a 24W high-torque motor capable of stroking 1400-3200 per minute.
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    NO. OF MASSAGE HEADS: The Taotronics percussion massager gun has 6-replaceable interchangeable heads of different shapes/sizes. Each massage head has been designed to massage specific muscle groups.

  • MASSAGING REACH: According to Taotronics, this massager has massaging effectiveness capable of reaching 12mm deep.
  • OPERATING TIME: The massage gun can work for 4-10 hours on a full charge depending on factors such as continuous use and massage speed.
  • DISPLAY: LCD display shows battery and speed level.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Automatic shut-off feature that is activated after 15 minutes of non-stop operation to prevent overheating. The massager also has heat emission holes and other safety features like an anti-slip handle.
  • NOISE-CANCELING FEATURES: The massage gun has a 24V brushless motor and bearing designed to lower working noise. According to Taotronics, noise levels are lower than those produced during a normal conversation (less than 60 decibels).

Taotronics Massage Gun Review: Pros and cons

Before you buy anything, it’s important to get firsthand information from people who have bought and used whatever you are planning to buy. Here’s what people love about the Taotronics massage gun:

Main pros – Taotronics Massage Gun

1. OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE CUSTOMER REVIEWS: Out of 500+ verified reviews on the official website, the Taotronics massage gun has a 4.9/5 rating. 97% of people who have bought and used this massage gun have rated it 5 out of 5. The rest rated the massage gun 4 out of 5.

User reviews should give any potential buyer an accurate idea of what to expect. Considering almost 100% of people who have bought this massager love it, it’s accurate to conclude that it may be as good as advertised.

2. EASY TO USE: If you study Taotronics massage gun reviews in detail, you’ll realize that most people love the percussion gun largely because it is easy to use. Many owners love the fact that you can assemble the massager quickly and massage yourself.

The massage heads can be disassembled and assembled in seconds. Many people who haven’t used massage guns before can use this massager with ease.

Thanks to the LCD display, it’s also easy to tell the speed levels and when the massager needs to be charged.

Even though you don’t need a manual to start using the Taotronics percussion massager, you still get a pamphlet that gives you precise information on using this massage gun for therapeutic purposes (handling trigger points).

3. MASSAGING VARIETY: The ten adjustable speeds also come highly recommended by Taotronics percussion massager owners. The adjustable speed levels coupled with high-torque motor strokes (1400-3200 times every minute) offer unrivaled massaging variety.

What’s more, the massager’s effect can be felt 12mm deep (the same as the Hypervolt). Customer reviews attest to the fact that this massage gun will reach depths capable of increasing blood flow. The gun is effective in relieving muscle soreness and stiffness common after normal daily activities to strenuous workouts.

Many customers also love the six replaceable massage heads with different shapes. According to Taotronics massage gun reviews, the massage heads can reach any muscle group effectively, offering targeted massages in seconds.

4. PROFESSIONAL-QUALITY MASSAGE GUN: Some reviews from customers with therapeutic experience attest to the fact that the Taotronics percussion massager is of professional quality. The massager gun can be used for physical therapy, and occupational therapy uses as well as home use.

5. QUIET OPERATION: Customers also find this massage gun’s noise levels to be impressive. According to many reviews, it is as quiet as advertised. Some reviews actually find this massager to be quieter than 60 decibels making it ideal for usage anywhere from your home to the office or gym when you need quick relief. Although not the quietest massage gun on the market, it’s certainly adequately quiet to use in comfort in a variety of settings.

6. LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Many customers also love the fact that this massager is only 2.16 pounds and measures 6.9 by 9.6 by 3 inches only. The massager is also sold with a travel case to make transportation easier. You can transport the massagers and all its parts in order anywhere with ease.

7. LONG BATTERY LIFE: Many customers find the 4 to 10-hour operation time on a full charge adequate. The battery charge can last for a week or more on typical usage (30-minute massages daily) thanks to the total battery capacity of 15,600mAh.

8. SAFE FOR USE (DOESN’T SLIP OR OVERHEAT): To avoid overheating like most massage guns out there today, the Taotronics percussion massage gun has an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the massager after 15 minutes of non-stop operation. The massager also has heat emission holes.

Customers’ reviews attest to the massager’s cool operation. You won’t feel any heat even if you use the massager continuously for 10+ minutes. Customers also love other safety features like the anti-slip handle that ensures you have a firm grip on the massager. Coupled with the lightweight design, the chances of dropping this massager and damaging it are very low.

9. MADE BY A REPUTABLE COMPANY: It’s satisfying for many customers to know that this massager is made by a real company with global expertise in manufacturing electronics. Unlike other massage gun brands whose makers can’t be traced, Taotronics is by Sunvalley Group – A company that was established 13+ years. Taotronics can be trusted to make good massage guns that meet global standards.

10. GOOD PRICE: Many customers also find the price of the Taotronics percussion massager to be very cheap (it wasn’t always this cheap!). Reviews indicate that the massager is better than most competing massage guns in the same price range.

Main cons

While Taotronics massage gun reviews rate the percussion massage gun highly, not everyone who owns this massager loves everything about it. The main cons include:

1. QUALITY CONCERNS: Some customers have expressed quality concerns. Some feel the massage heads are not high-quality (i.e., they are rough and “feel cheap”).

2. THE BATTERY “RUNS OUT” FAST: Some negative reviews claim the battery “dies out” fast.

User risks

While the percussion massage gun is marketed as easy to use by anyone without prior training or expertise, there are some user risks that must be adhered to for safe usage. For instance, the massager should never be charged when turned on.

The massage gun should also be used in a different area after 3 minutes to reduce muscle damage risks. Users should also avoid pressing the gun directly over joints or using it near organs, major blood vessels like the aorta, and using it on specific areas like the chest, neck, armpits, and abdomen.

Use For One Hour At a Time

The Taotronic massage gun should also be used for less than an hour. After continuous operation for 59 minutes, turn off the gun for 30 minutes before re-using it. The massager should also be turned off systematically (first using the power button on the screen and then the power button at the bottom) to avoid damage/increase longevity.

Lastly, the massager can stall when pressed too firmly on the body. This can be resolved by restarting the massager.

Verdict: Buy

The Taotronics massage gun reviews tell it all. Almost everyone who has bought the Taotronics percussion massage gun loves it. While there are some cons, most can be avoided by using the gun as recommended. Concerns on quality and cost may be valid given there is always something cheaper/more expensive on the market. However, it’s better to focus on value for money.

If you have more money to spend, there are better massage guns. But do you really want to pay hundreds of dollars extra? If you don’t, the Taotronics percussion massage gun will serve you better than most massage guns in a similar price range. It’s a perfectly good massager for the vast majority of users and you won’t be disappointed if you give it a try.

Taotronics Massage Gun Review

Get The Taotronics massage gun for less than $50 (+ check out the customer reviews)



“I recently purchased the Taotronics Massage Gun and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. As someone who works out regularly, I often experience muscle soreness and fatigue. The Taotronics Massage Gun has exceeded my expectations in terms of its effectiveness and convenience.

What I love about this massage gun is its power. It has a high-torque motor that really targets problem areas and provides deep tissue relief. Additionally, it comes with multiple attachments that allow me to customize my massage based on the specific muscle group I’m targeting.

Another thing that sets this massage gun apart from other massage guns is its battery life. It lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge, which is impressive considering how powerful it is.

Overall, the Taotronics Massage Gun has positively impacted my fitness goals by allowing me to recover faster and perform better. It’s convenient, effective, and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an effective and reliable way to relieve muscle soreness and fatigue.”
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